A Brautigan moment amidst the chaos

Shall I riff on Brautigan?

I like to think (and
the sooner the better!)
of a Final Cut suite
where effect renders
live in full-resolution
in real-time
as extensions
of the raw footage.

I like to think
(right now, please!)
of a timeline
filled with filters and composites
where hard drives
need not store render files
and no more rainbow cursors;
no flowers with spinning blossoms.

I like to think
(it has to be!)
of a Final Cut ecology
where processors are free of their labors
and joined back to art,
returned to our indy flexibility:
the true non-linear edit,
and all watched over
by GPU’s of loving grace.

All a way of saying that I’m waiting for a render to finish so I can start sending the movie out to tape and I can’t WAIT until all this works in real-time.

It's gonna be DONE! And SHOWING!

OK, Lotsa news and no time to tell it in.

First off, I don’t know if I mentioned this yet, but I’ve graduated. Hooray. Second, the movie is going to be DONE today and showing TOMORROW, so help me God. The plan is to show the movie at 3:00 or shortly thereafter in the Event Center at Poudre High School. I’ll be bringing you photos (and perhaps a vodcast) from the screening. But right now, I have too much to do, and I’m going to eat some strawberry cheesecake (leftovers from the cutaways I shot yesterday).

DVD Cover Rev. 1

I’ve just finished another round of cutaways and publicity photos and have since taken some time to design the cover art for the movie. Here’s the front cover (and yes, that IS the same cheesecake that appears in the movie):

DVD Cover Rev. 1

I welcome your feedback and suggestions, and await the firing squad.

General news & info & bits of generalized news & information

Hey there! I’m writing with exclamation points because I think I might be happy!

First news is that I’m done with high school! HOOO-RAY! I went over to Arin’s (he plays Alex in Wholesale Souls) house last night and burned all my papers from all three years at Poudre High School! (Yes, ALL my papers. I’ve been saving them religiously for three years. I had nearly 40 pounds of the stuff.) If you’re good little robot children I might even put up some video of this momentous event on the vodcast.

Speaking of which, I think I just got the server problems worked out thanks to the magical pit of storage that is archive.org, that wonderful site that somehow manages to hold most of the rest of the internet inside it without even putting ads on their site. I think it’s probably a front for the Mafia or something. I find no other explanation.

Anyhoo, they’re linked up with a project I just found today called ourmedia.org, where you can publish as many videos and MP3s and other goodies, without any storage or bandwidth restrictions. Again, Mafia. Or Columbian drug cartel. But never mind that. I’m right now starting to put up the vodcast files (I’ll be doing the currently non-working episodes first and then gradually migrating them all over), so hopefully there will be NO MORE GLITCHES (HA! *snort… no more glitches) IN THE VODCAST FEED!

Speaking of which, you can subscribe to that feed via iTunes or another RSS reader.

Yes, I can now plug it as much as I want, since bandwidth will no longer be an issue! I feel so FREE (assuming it works)!

That is all for now, you beautiful little robot children. And that is also two posts from me, far too close together for someone who ostensibly spends day and night feverishly editing their film.

Let's give a big exploding welcome to: PARKER!


I’d like to introduce to all three of my readers a new contributor to the Exploding Blog. Parker has been my go-to guy for Wholesale Souls in any number of different ways. He started out as a simple (and, if I may say so, simplistic) actor, portraying the role of Samuel the hacker. Soon he had a niche as the primary sound recordist, and has since helped me a great deal as an assistant editor, even editing several scenes all by himself (and learning Final Cut at record speed, might I add).

Now, as I am finishing up Wholesale Souls, Parker is getting to work on a project of his own, an adaptation of Dante’s Divine Comedy, which I will be executive producing and possibly co-directing, depending on how the production schedule works out. I’ve been throwing ideas around with him for quite some time now and I’m very excited about what the movie could be. So, in order to help coerce him into finishing the script, I have invited him on as exploding filmmaker #2, to share with us his experiences in getting his movie made. The plan is that, starting on Wednesday, Parker will be providing us all with twice-weekly updates, starting first with his attempt to finish the script, and damn soon (you hear me, Parker?!), and then eventually (hopefully) moving on into the realm of preproduction and beyond.

Welcome aboard, Parker! I hope you make this little corner of the internet a little less boring!

Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: The Near-Drowning of Elephant B. Body

I speak to actor Vynni Gagnepain about his character Elephant A. Antibody and the fate of his stunt-double.

Thanks to Mikhail for this wonderful dummy (the one made of styrofoam, not Vynni) and thanks to the weather for cooperating.

In other news, two test screenings of the movie have gone over well and it should be entirely done this week! Plus, I’m done with high school. On to Minneapolis, tropical oasis of the Midwest!

On a more technical note, I’ve been getting complaints that not all the vodcasts are downloading. I think this is because the free service I was using to host files is giving out. I’ll be gradually uploading all the files to my own server. Please be patient, though, I’ve got dial-up.


The dangers of excessive abbreviation

…just waiting for a render to finish and, while looking around, my eyes fell upon the label on a box of cookies I’m taking to my party for the last day of my wonderful AP Psych class:


After some long and careful consideration, I have finally come to an assessment of what the label actually MEANS, but for a moment, consider the implications of being FAR TOO SUCCINCT:




Let this be a lesson to you… somehow.

THE MODERN ERA: The Age of Big Metal Things

Take a listen to my LAST ASSIGNMENT OF HIGH SCHOOL! It was for my AP Humanities (European history/literature) class, to describe the Modern era (World War I-World War II). All I had to do was write a paper, but I decided to have a little fun with it (it being a milestone and all), so I wrote a script and got Evan over here today to record it with me.

One wonders whether I will get full points for the assignment (I was rather cavalier with the guidelines for the assignment), but on the other hand, one (this one, anyway) isn’t all that concerned about points being awarded.

Now if I could only get this damn movie finished!

What does a scanner see?

Does it see into me clearly… OR DARKLY???

Food for thought.

Rough Cut Rev. 2

I just finished a second rough cut of the movie to test at Poudre High School Cinema Club tomorrow (I’m not a member of Cinema Club–one of the downsides of making a movie is that you have no time to watch other movies).

This cut is significant in that it plays all the way through and is mostly coherent. It clocks in at 78 minutes and also contains a significant amount of ADR and even some finalized picture/sound mixes. My hope is that by this time next week I’ll have the final cut done and locked.

In other news, I appear to have survived my entire K-12 education with only minor bruises. Although school isn’t technically done for us seniors for another ten days and we don’t graduate until the 27th, it might as well be done right now. I’ve reached that magic end-of-the-year threshold where all the major assignments are turned in, the tests are done, and the teachers are beginning to once again come to terms with the fact that there is nothing in this world more difficult than getting 40 high school seniors to read Sartre in mid May.

This is especially good for me, because I feel less like the movie’s eating me and more like it’s just kind of chewing on my leg.

But none of this changes the fact that I feel absolutely exhausted. I swear I was editing tonight and my body took leave of my mind to force me out of my chair and into my bed to take a nap (one of the disadvantages of editing in your bedroom is the constant siren call is begins to emit at about 1:00 A.M.).

You know what I’m going to do this summer? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. Maybe I’ll read a book. But that’s it.

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