I, Dead-man

Hello everyone! It is I, the one of Parker. I have been absent from this site for a while now, and I apologize. Blah blah blah, generic excuse, blah blah, underhanded guilt-trip, blah, plea bargain. I have been quite busy recently, though now that I think of it, I’m not sure what I have been busy with. Principal shooting of Terminal Philosophy finished about two weeks ago now, and after that school started, then there is just a big blank grey space until a day or two ago. Yep, school’s definitely started again.

But enough about me, what about you?

… you aren’t very interesting people.

I have started another script, it seems like that’s the latest bandwagon, and I’d rather not be left in the cold harsh dust of those festering wheels. I don’t have much yet, but it looks promising. It’s about a white collar possibly gold collar office worker that goes slowly insane. Cliché though it may sound, I assure you that it will not take such a course. We’ll see where it goes.

Also, I have appointed myself the Director of Exploding Shorts. This does not neccessarily mean that I will direct your Exploding Short, but rather that I will be in charge of managing it. Come to me with your short’s concepts, ideas, or script, and I’ll try to set you up. If unclear, send death threats to: parker@exgfilms.com.

Thank you and good day,

Captain Parker Cagle-Smith, Ltd.

New Script in the Works

I just thought I’d give everyone a heads up, I am working on a new script that so far is showing promise (to me, at least) for being a potential short film. I have a draft with the first couple scenes written up on the Celtx network. It is entiled Monday (working title) and I am still considering what the story shall end up becoming. Anyway, I would like input from everyone as I work on this soon-to-be short (feature, possibly? How crazy am I…). Any ideas on story/character development would be much appreciated.

And while I’m at it, here’s a quick overview of my favorite movies and albums of the past year:

3: V for Vendetta
Based on the popular graphic novel, it proves that the Wachowski brothers were able to live up to their reputation that the first Matrix film created, and was almost destroyed by the the next two. It is a disturbing view of a quite plausible future, and one man’s stand to try and resolve it.

My Rating:
[rate 3.5]

2: A Scanner Darkly
Based on the Novel by Philip K. Dick, this movie is also set in the near future, one where a new drug called “Substance D” is taking over the streets. This drug is highly addictive, and eventually will drive anyone who uses it insane. Keanu Reeves (Another Matrix alum) plays undercover cop Bob Arctor, who becomes an addict of Substance D and falls victim to its effects. The Visual effects in this film are absolutely stunning.

My Rating:
[rate 4]

1: Little Miss Sunshine
I was completely blown away by this movie. If I wanted to say all I could about it, I’d write myself to sleep. It proves that not only can Steve Carrel actually act, he can act DAMN well. Along with Greg Kinnear, Toni Colette, and Alan Arkin (A very unlikely ensemble) they make this movie about a family’s quest to enter their daughter in a youth beauty pagent shine. See it. NOW.

My Rating:
[rate 5]

3: The Sound of Impending Doom – The Ghosts of Verona
To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of typical screamo music. But tGOV is anything but typical. Wheras other screamo bands are basically loud emo music, these guys put rage and rebellion back into RockN’Roll. Some of the most scathingly anti-right wing songs around (Even more so than Green Day), combined with inceredibly poetic lyrics and sensational guitar, bass, and drums.

My Rating:
[rate 4]

2: With Teeth – Nine Inch Nails
Perhaps the softest of all NIN’s albums (Which isn’t that soft at all), With Teeth is more an exploration of emotion instead of the lust and violence that is typical of NIN. The lyrics of the end track, “Right where it Belongs”, are absolutely breathtaking. There are a great variety of styles exploited to create this sad and dark album, along with Trent Reznor leaving room to voice his political opinions.

My Rating:
[rate 4]

1: Music From the Violet Room – Sabrosa Purr
When I first heard Sabrosa Purr’s music, I was utterly blown away. I asked myself, why aren’t their songs on every iPod in America? I still have yet to find the answer to that. There are only 8 songs on this album, which is nowhere near enough once you listen to it the whole way through. For those of you who don’t know their music, think Led Zeppelin + Nirvana + Pink Floyd + Smashing Pumkins + Pure Genius. Everybody should listen to them, love them, worship them.

My Rating:
[rate 4.5]

ALSO! I have just heard that Steve Irwin, the man we all know as “The Crocidile Hunter”, has died. He was killed by a stingray earlier today. May that crazy Australian rest in peace.

Item for discussion: God is a cat.

Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Settling in at MCAD

Here’s a (regrettably long-is and a bit droning) report on how I’m doing as far as getting settled in at MCAD. Not much movie news per se, but plenty of complaining, technical difficulties, an interview with Jesus, and some Minneapolis trivia.

Incidentally, that bit of trivia at the end is a bit unreadable (I’ll rework the text for next time), so here it is again:

Apparently, future director Terry Gilliam spent a semester or two as a student at MCAD.

He like it so much he moved to England.

Thanks for your continued viewership. Without you, America would be a dark and dreary place.

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