Two pieces of many

Post-production on Discouraging Words is getting crazy (in a good way?) because I need to have a screener done by the seventh of May. Here’s where I withdraw into my hole and become an antisocial hermit until the movie is finished, so if you send me an e-mail or Facebook message or the like, don’t expect to necessarily get a reply. Ever. Fair warning—that’s just the way I roll.

Anyway, here are two things that you might find interesting. First, a frame from some news graphics I’m currently rendering out:

Jesse Griffith and Lawrence Levesque as cable news pundits

And here is an actual scene, presented in its entirety: Continue reading

Save the date: Discouraging Words in Wyoming!

Cheyenne International Film Festival - Saturday, May 22, 9:30AM - Atlas Theater, Cheyenne, WY - $10

No sense in keeping a lid on this anymore… Continue reading

I am either proud or disgraced

Many years ago, back when I was first making films with any seriousness, I helped to make a short film entitled RRRR. I did not write it, nor did I direct it. The movie was—quite intentionally—relevant to nothing. The only comment it received on YouTube was “not funny.”

The central (only?) point of the movie was that you couldn’t play the word ‘RRRR’ in Scrabble.

…until this week, when Mattel announced a new version of Scrabble that allows the use of proper nouns. Since RRRR is the title of the film, it is a proper noun and therefore a playable Scrabble word!

I’m so, so sorry.

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