16 Heads and Counting gets an extended run!

Tonight was the first-ever public screening of 16 Heads and Counting! I’ve been up all weekend dealing with crises and doing a color grade, and finally it’s paying off!

That's right, that's our movie on a marquee, right in between Roman De Gare and The Wackness. What of it?

That's right, that's our movie on a marquee, right in between Roman De Gare and The Wackness. What of it?

We had an amazing turnout today. We sold out nearly an hour before the show time, and we’ve already sold over half the seats for tomorrow’s show. Taking in mind those factors, the Lyric has decided to extend our run!

Our second show will be tomorrow, Tuesday, August 12th at 7:00 p.m.

In addition, we will running four additional shows: one every day from Monday, August 18th to Thursday, August 21st. All shows are at 7:00 p.m.

And depending on our ticket sales next week, we may get a weekend show! Tell all your friends! Make us famous! Already gone once? Why not see it again?

At the very least, I will be at all five of the upcoming shows, so you can say hi when you come to see the movie. There will probably be other cast and crew present at many of the screenings. Tomorrow, for instance, our star actor Sean Cummings is playing hooky from Little Shop of Horrors rehearsals to attend the show. Vvinni will be there too, and many others, including a large contingent from my family.

Spread the word! More 16 Heads and Counting screenings next week! And if you’re planning on coming to tomorrow’s show, get your tickets early, because we’ll probably sell out again.

12 thoughts on “16 Heads and Counting gets an extended run!

  1. That pig and I have had more good times than you and your sunglasses. But, I’ve been forgetting to give them to Sean until I see my e-mail and I remember that you need them. Sorry. You’ll get them next week. I swear. Next week. Little Shop Rehearsals probably because the Rush viewing for Tracy McKnightly probably won’t happen.

    You’ll get them next week.


  2. How dare you presume to know the depth of my relationship with my sunglasses!!!!

    Ok, you’re right. They’re just sunglasses. And God knows I don’t need them right now, since we’re now soggy even by Seattle standards. Still, I’ll keep nagging…

    And why won’t rushes happen next week? Is somebody slacking off?

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