16 Heads publicity stills!

Hey, looky what I’ve got! Publicity stills for several people involved in 16 Heads and Counting that I shot over Thanksgiving! And then scanned into the computer!

On a related note, the Nikon Coolscan 8000 is my new best friend. It scans film up to 6cm wide at up to 4,000 dpi! How cool is that? (And it’s a testament to MCAD’s policies that someone like myself who has never even thought about using a film scanner before can just sidle into the service bureau and start pushing buttons.)

Anyway, I’ve got press kit photos for Ric, Rosalie, Ethan and myself based on the theme of… you guessed it… BLOOD! Here are the four I wound up choosing (click on the thumbnails to view them larger):

Ric Ney as AntonyRosalie Robinson as FranEthan Holbrook: the mind behind the madnessAndrew Gingerich directed it

I hope to get the rest of these portraits done in December.

And here, for your amusement, are some other good stills:

Ric dramaticRic straight-onRic fallingRosalie evilRosalie hornsEthan close-upAndrew full-bodyAndrew crazy grinAndrew bloody hand

If anyone would like prints of any of the super-cool pictures here, have I got a deal for you! I will be doing a limited run of these photos as 11×14 gelatin-silver prints on glossy fiber-based paper, and you can have one for a mere $40! And if you want more than one, I’m sure we can work out some sort of discount! They make really creepy Christmas gifts! Or, if you’d prefer something a little cheaper (or in color so you can see the red, red blood in those three earlier pictures), I can do high-quality inkjet prints ranging in size from 8×10 to 17×22 for only $20 each! Surprise your parents with a picture of Fran holding a bloody knife! Or me with a stupid grin on my face! e-mail me before December 13th to get your order in.

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