5 for a Dollar

We are offcially doing something again. The short short “5 for a Dollar” by Mikhail Twarogowski is currently in preproduction. I am currently looking for six actors and a location. I will soon post a date for casting, or I might just ask the people that I think would fit the parts.

As for Observer and their questionable nature, I will work that out with Mikhail. We need some sort of way to get into the E.R. lobby, we can’t just start with them having their conversation. It doesn’t work in my eyes.

Also, I need a good mic for this and subsequent shorts unless Andrew tells me that the built in mic is good enough. Is it Andrew? IS IT?!

If anyone would either like to be considered for a role, or have a location you’d like to offer/show me (please?), you can contact me at parker@exgfilms.com.

That’s all for now, good night!

Read the script

UPDATE: The script is now slightly different and longer!

14 thoughts on “5 for a Dollar

  1. I don’t like the reactionary character at the end. We are the ones that are the observers, we don’t need “that guy”. It is uneccisary and takes the focus off this group of people.

  2. No offense, but I can’t figure out what is funny about this. Is it the fact that these people are obviously hicks or something? I think it is amusing, but I don’t quite “get it.”

  3. The point of this piece is that these were actual events. This conversation happened. These people seem to have walked right out of rural 1940, and I think that is facinating. On of them rotary phones.

  4. BTW (tired acronyms=I hate myself) Parker, the mic on your camera probably isn’t good enough (unless you decide it is). You need to either buy a shotgun mic or borrow mics from Channel 10 (I think they have mostly lav mics, which are great for dialogue but can be a bitch to hide since they’re wired clip-ons).

  5. Seeing my name up there in pixels…its like I’ve finally “made it”. I want to thank you guys for making this possible.
    I want to make it very clear that I love those people up there. The California ranchers I mean. I tried to listen to them intently but I only managed to catch this much, and I wanted to make a cinematic shrine to them. I wanted other people to experience their odd wisdom, recreated as faithful to the original event as possible.
    I thought they were talking about cell phones when I first heard that conversation. I was in awe when I discovered they hadn’t moved passed rotary phones yet. The fact that there are people who inhabit the same world who’s primary social interaction is text messaging is mind boggling to me.
    I’m sure the script needs tons of work, I’ve never written one before.
    And I hate to break it to you guys but we need old people. Locals would be any generic waiting room, optimally with a pay phone on the wall.

  6. Well that does change a lot, but what I’m saying (just some constructive critisism) is that no one will know that it actually happened unless they are told, so perhaps that should be incorporated into it.

  7. …or incorporate some level of realism stylistically. Ideally, you’d go back to California and track down these actual people, so what you really should do is get some good actors who can method act and maybe even shoot it documentary style. (try Bas Bleu and OpenStage again, this is a one-day commitment, so I’m sure you’d get a good turnout).

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