A big announcement re: Wholesale Souls, Inc.

I had a breakthrough some time ago. I decided to watch Wholesale Souls, Inc.–actually sit down and watch it.

It’s been almost two years since I started work on the film, and it was last July that I finally dubbed it “finished,” and I’ll confess that I’ve never really watched the movie before. I’ve seen it, sure. I’ve reviewed it. But I’d never watched it. I’d never been able to stand it. I’d always cringe. Over the past few months I’d begun to habitually downplay the quality, significance and value of the film. But then I watched it.

Let me tell you something: I am DAMN proud of this movie. I am nothing less than ecstatic at the way it turned out, and here’s the kicker: I actually enjoyed it.

I’ll say that again: I actually enjoyed watching Wholesale Souls, Inc. and I thought it was a good movie, from the perspective of a viewer.

Wholesale Souls is a good movie. And it is also a movie with absolutely no future. It will never make me any money. It will never even recoup its meager production costs. It’s not polished enough to make the festival circuit and it’s not incendiary enough to be a cult sleeper hit. A distributor would have to be out of his gourd to offer me a home video release, and no self-respecting TV station would air it.

But oh, I am so very fond of big announcements, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint, so here it is: in recognition of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, Wholesale Souls, Inc., a film which has consumed my entire life and most of my energy for nigh on two years, will be available for free online viewing starting TOMORROW, April 23rd. If you like the movie, you might consider buying the DVD to see it at full quality and partake of the many extras.

Tell your friends.

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