A New Project! And Ethan's First Post!

It is my pleasure to be the first to announce a new project we’ll be working on this summer.

An as-of-yet untitled feature, currently being referred to as Untitled Search for God, will be shooting this summer. As some of you know, it’s a script I’ve been working on for the better part of the past two years. I don’t want to say too much yet, since pre-production has only hardly begun.

But I am very excited. The really exciting thing about this project right now is that we already have a director of photography on board! Andrew has been able to enlist the help of Kathryn Morris as DP.

As for the film itself, the plot is a little hard to describe. It follows a poor excuse for a protagonist named John, as he is pursued by some sort of mob boss, a very frightening woman, a dog who may or may not be God, and a disembodied voice who may or may not be God. Lots of stuff happens, and John almost, but not quite, has a spiritual epiphany.

Well, I’m sure anyone who hasn’t read the script has now lost all interest in the project, but I assure you, it’s gonna be really really cool.

I’ll be organizing auditions to take place near the middle or end of next month (May). I’ll let you guys know about that when it’s set in stone.

That’s all I’m gonna say right now, but I hope I’ve at least piqued your curiosity.

If you wish to get a taste of the finished script and what this project is going to entail, be sure to come to this Sunday’s meeting of The Ministry of Playwrighting, from 1-4 PM at Catalyst Coffee on Horsetooth & Shields. I am planning on bringing at least part of the script then.

9 thoughts on “A New Project! And Ethan's First Post!

  1. Wheee! This thing is coming together extraordinarily well (which means inevitably that it will soon fall apart, but I’ll take the high while it lasts), and I’m just as pleased as can be to be directing.

    You see, I see it as my duty to the unwashed masses that I seek out and help produce scripts that are radically different from anything else out there. Because if you can’t alienate your audience, who CAN you alienate?

    And this will mark Exploding Goldfish Films’ SECOND FEATURE FILM. We’ve come such a long way since… ahem… Rapture.

  2. I might see what I can do about comming to play writing. I have been meaning to, but I don’t know if I will bring any of my own work yet…at the very least I would like to hear more about this project.

  3. Andrew…. Don’t go there.

    Actually, this sounds strangely familiar. God, satan, religion, etc. Hmm…..

    Not that it won’t be original, but we’ve done a lot of religious based things lately, huh? Odd.

    Good luck! I’m way excited!

    P.S. By “we” I meant “you guys, mostly”

  4. Well, Greg, um… great minds think alike? Heh, just kidding. I think that our movies have certainly explored different aspects of similar subject matter, but they are radically different, I must say.

    And… ahem, co-director, Andrew.


  5. I know my short story that later (after Andrew insisted that if I didn’t write a script in that universe, he would) spawned my script, was written partially in response to working on Terminal Philosophy…but a lot of other things went in to it too. Overall, still involves religion, just not in the more tangible God-personified sense.

  6. Ethan, don’t hog all the sandwiches. You’re already Executive God In Charge Of Everything. What more do you want?

    Greg, It’s not my fault. I didn’t write the script. I just read it and thought it was really freakin’ amazing.

    Paul, go to playwrighting.

    And that takes care of THAT!

  7. Well, Andrew, if I didn’t mention it earlier, I also want your soul, your organs, your firstborn, your virginity, your new kitten, your urine for the next three years, all of your mucus, your clothing, your parents, your name, your brain-juices, and your veins.

  8. Hey! I had dibs on his soul in ninth grade. I guess you can borrow it, but when eternity comes around I get it back. Better not be all dirty and stuff.

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