A simple question of economics *FEEDBACK REQUESTED*

Perhaps you all, dear readers, can help me figure out this little puzzle:

Now that I’ve got everything pretty much done I’m putting together the DVD release of Wholesale Souls. I’ll be self-distributing through a really cool-looking service called CustomFlix, which will allow me to sell fully packaged, professionally printed DVDs on-demand without needing an inventory, and will also get me listed on Amazon.com. Here, then, is the quandary which I face:

I have the choice of setting up and selling the movie as a single disc or as a two-disc set. The per-unit cost of adding a second disc is approximately $3, so if I were to sell the DVD at $12 for a single disc (a reasonable price, as far as I’m concerned), the cost would go up to $15 if I were to instead opt for a two-disc version.

To give you some idea, here is how you could expect a single-disc version to compare to a two-disc version:

– The movie (of course)
– Director’s commentary
– Cast/crew commentary
– Yet another commentary (in which Greg, Parker, Vynni and Andrew heckle the movie)
– Short making-of featurette (approx. 5 minutes)
– One or two deleted scenes
– Blooper reel


Disc One
– The movie (superior picture quality to single-disc version)
– Director’s commentary
– Cast/crew commentary
– Yet another commentary (in which Greg, Parker, Vynni and Andrew heckle the movie)
– “Movie Secrets” subtitle track
– A wealth of scene-specific interactive behind-the-scenes footage

Disc Two
– Longer making-of featurette (approx. 10-20 minutes)
– Full-resolution vodcast archives
– A bunch of deleted scenes
– Some rushes (particularly entertaining unedited footage)
– Blooper reel
– A couple shorts and some other footage from the Exploding Goldfish archives
DVD-ROM content: Script, Production diary, Complete e-mail archive from production, full-resolution penguin illustration, Portable media (iPod video) version of the film, etc.

Now, I want to sell the DVD at a low enough price that people might consider buying it, but I also know that the primary market for this film (outside of Fort Collins locals and people involved in production) will be other filmmakers, who want some pretty darn good, informative extras if they’re going open up their moth-eaten wallets and buy a copy.

This problem is compounded by the unfortunate fact that CustomFlix authors only to single-layer, not dual-layer media, so I can only fit 4.7 gigabytes on a single disc. This means that any substantial extras for a film of this length pretty much HAVE to be on a second disc.

So I’m leaving the question up to you! I’d like all of you out there to comment on this post with your vote: one disc, or two? I’m curious to hear whether a three-dollar price hike would influence your personal decision of whether or not to buy the DVD, and also which option you think is more commercially viable.

Thank you, and comment away!

6 thoughts on “A simple question of economics *FEEDBACK REQUESTED*

  1. I know I will buy at least two, now that I think of it. I will be buying one for Mecha (since he hasn’t seen the movie, for one) and myself. Maybe more people, I don’t know.

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