Analog curiosities

Last summer, after wrapping principal photography on Discouraging Words, Vvinni and I (with the help of Evan) shot a bunch of footage on VHS tape about a supremely antisocial übermensch named Plastix Ultimate. Back in August I shared an ad for Skin Removal Cream that Vvinni had cut from the footage. Now, here’s something else:

This ultra-condensed version of the narrative we shot was created for the “Foot in the Door 4” show at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and leaves out a few key plot points, but I think it captures the overall flavor of the piece.

Second, here’s this:

What I really love about this camera (a Panasonic Color TV Camera WV-3320) is the analog smearing—ghost trails and lingering burn-in left by bright highlights traveling across the frame. I realize that I probably only have a limited number of usage hours on this thing before one of the tubes burns out (these are fragile components that have been working for over 30 years, after all), so I have to figure out something really good to do with it. I think maybe I’d like to use it to make a music video.

So if you’re an extraordinarily talented musician and you want me to make a music video for you using this camera, drop me a line.

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