…and bacon!

Wow… that was intense. By far the most (and longest) comments I’ve ever gotten on a post. I never know what is going to set you people off.

Anyway, I have a little gift for you today, something that will I think only serve to reinforce the idea that not only have I gone bonkers, but that the entire process of making movies is totally whacked out. The following audio clip is lifted from a recording session. That’s all I’m going to say about it, other than that it is integral to the post-production process on 16 Heads and Counting:

Here it is.


5 thoughts on “…and bacon!

  1. Are you going to sneak into our houses/housing compexes in the night and force feed us bacon? Where are you now? Are you right behind me? No. No that’s a wall. Unles….are YOU the wall. No, no that’s just crazy. NO man can be wall. But…. No. No. You are not the wall. Then you can’t be in the airport…right? Oh holy moses on the red sea eating Jesus, GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

    …and bacon.

  2. OHMY. HAhahahahhaah.

    You. Are. Amazing.
    for the moment. Until you make me do something again, then I’ll go right back on hating you. Glee! I can’t wait until my voice overs…

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