Announcing Exploding Short Month

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been doing some soul searching. It’s been four months since I put out the last Diary of a Mad Filmmaker vodcast, and that’s a shame. Unfortunately it’s a sacrifice that had to be made because it takes a lot of time to shoot, edit, encode and publish a vodcast—time I just don’t have. This is not to say that the vodcast is being discontinued, it’s just on a hiatus for the time being and will certainly be back by the end of the semester, if not sooner.

That being said, it’s rather sad to not have a regular source of video on this site since it is, after all, a site about making films. And so it is with great excitement that I announce that March will be Exploding Short Month. I will be premiering two new, never-before-seen-on-the-internet shorts every week in the month of March. In addition, there will be other events occurring during the month, and the festivities will culminate in a big announcement.

I’ll just say right now that not all these shorts will be good. Some will be shorter than others, and undoubtedly some will be… disappointing. But there are also a few real gems in here that have never before been publicly available, including 2005 Silver Spoon Film Festival honoree Hear, Speak and See, 2006 Poudre High School Film Festival honoree and cult sleeper RRRR, and 2006 Boulder Shoot-Out honoree Selfless Self-Indulgence. These films and many more will be made available for free online viewing in perpetuity starting this March.

I am also announcing a contest, judged solely by myself and solely for my own amusement. Anyone who makes and sends me a short film (or a feature film, if you are… INSANE) will get said film posted on this site, and the maker of the best film will win a free copy of the Wholesale Souls, Inc. DVD. The same applies for two additional categories: screenplay and… let’s say interpretive dance (I’ll need to see a video of the latter in order to judge it).

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: Tape yourself doing an interpretive dance and send it in, and you’ll probably get a free Wholesale Souls, Inc. DVD. I mean, odds are you’ll be the only person crazy enough to actually do that, so you’ll have very little competition.

There are exciting things and new possibilities coming up, but right now everything is in its nascent stages and I’m not really at liberty to discuss them. (I’ve always wanted to say that!) You can expect lots more activity from Exploding Goldfish Films in the future, and for the moment, TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT EXPLODING SHORT MONTH! The festivities begin on Thursday, March 1st.

12 thoughts on “Announcing Exploding Short Month

  1. Due to legal technicallities I cannot post or share my short script for a while…I kind of have to offer the copyrights to a lot of the ideas to someone (multiple people) before I can take it away and use it again. So, alas, I have stopped writing it.

    I MIGHT show it to Andrew when he comes out…but I might also want the pride of having absolutely no input from anyone else for the first draft. After that, probably…

    What are the criteria for the shorts? I might be able to come up with something, albeit mediocre, for the contests…thing.

  2. You’re foolish to not seek input on projects, especially when they are in their formative stages. Remember, you have the final say-so, which means that external input can only improve your writing.

    “No man is an island, entire of itself
    every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

    My prescription: go to the next Ministry of Playwriting meeting. E-mail Vigni for details.

    No criteria for the film contest. Impress me. The one I like the most wins.

    And please, everyone, tell everyone you know about this. Post it in forums, on blogs, in e-mails, whatever. Let’s get the word out and see how much buzz we can generate. I want a big audience built up for that big announcement.

  3. Andrew (or anyone I guess), make a big announcement poster and I’ll print it off and put it up in the theatre here. There are some wacky film types around there.

  4. With regards to your ‘Interpretive Dance Deal’, it’s probably fortunate that YouTubers haven’t found this site; else you would probably be out a lot of DVDs.

  5. Sundays 1-4 at Catalyst Coffee! Sundays 12-4 at Catalyst coffee! SUNDAYS 1-4 AT CATALYST COFFEE!!!!

    Listen to Andrew, he is a wise man, The Ministry of Playwriting can help you out VERY MUCH on any writing needs you have! AND BIRTHDAY PARTIES! We do birthday parties too!

    WARNING: The Ministry of Playwriting® Is not responsible for any mental trauma that may may result from a Ministry Birthday Party.

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