Briefly: Reshoots, pending vodcasts and other projects

Happy non-denominational Easter to all you agnostics out there! Let’s gather the whole family around the table and eat some rabbit!

I’m over at my grandparents’ house and I just finished reshooting the scene introducing James and Warren. Instead of the infamous “shaking scene,” they are now inside, sitting at the kitchen table and throwing tortilla chips at the ceiling fan. Sounds odd, but it works.

So Greg and Evan were over here and so was Parker, who was running sound. We also had an audience, including my aunt and uncle from Oregon, who are spending some vacation time here (my aunt saved the film early on by bothering UPS until they gave me my camera–maybe more on that later).

So we got chip crumbs all over the place and had to clean them up, which was fun.

This friday I was working as DP and producer on a short film co-directed by Parker. That was fun and I have since done some editing on it. This also entailed working with Vynni Gagnepain (he plays the enigmatic Elephant A. Antibody in my film), which is always a fascinating and surreal experience. The film is about ten to fifteen minutes long and hinges around the intricacies of Scrabble. And no, I’m not explaining beyond that, except to say that Exploding Goldfish will hopefully be a producing partner on this and it may be included on a future DVD collection of short films.

I AM working on a new vodcast. It’s taking a while because I want to do something extra-special about my visit to Minnesota. I’m thinking something appropriate would be a Gonzovision documentary about my visit to the Mall of America (for more on Gonzo, see the writing of Hunter S. Thompson). So that’s in the works and part-way done.

I THINK we MAY still be on target for a final cut by the end of the month, especially if things continue to go this smoothly. Music is still up in the air, but may not be for much longer.

Also: expect a review of a new film soon. I don’t do a lot of reviews, but any time I think I can glean something useful as a director from a film I’ll write a review (or when I see a really good film and I want you all to check it out). My mother found a film I’d been searching for these past few months–Brazil, directed by ex-Python Terry Gilliam–for a really good price. I haven’t watched it yet, but I plan to later today. And then you can all expect to hear about how much I love Terry Gilliam’s films.

I think that’s it for now. I went on longer than I was expecting to because I’m waiting for other people to arrive and for food to be ready. I COULD write even more, but NONE of us want that.

Hoping this season of plastic grass and artificial reality finds you well,

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