Busy beeeees

I’m just here to let you know that I haven’t been swallowed up by demon-beasts from another dimension (that was last week). As self-important as this sounds, I’ve been too busy to do a blog post recently. I’ve been in New York (upstate; think cows instead of skyscrapers) visiting family last week, and I’m leaving for Minneapolis and college and all that it entails on the 23rd, so Parker and I have been rushing to get everything done at any possible moment on Terminal Philosophy (just this evening we up and bought a scythe. A SCYTHE!) So shooting continues and the rush is starting because when I go off to college I’m taking the camera with me and that pretty much shuts down principal photography, ready or not.

I also just saw my most-anticipated movie of the year, A Scanner Darkly. Expect a review later this week. And I’m working on a vodcast, I swear. Actually, two. Or three. You’ll see.

In the meantime, props to all our cast and crew so far for doing a fantastic job and not getting impatient or histrionic with us. While you’re waiting for my next post, here’s a prompt for you to debate in the comments:

Discuss: Keanu Reeves looks like a mole.

Keanu Reeves = Mole?

I expect your answers spell-checked and typewritten (duh). You will receive your grades by mail in 6-8 weeks.

5 thoughts on “Busy beeeees

  1. Badass. I have been wanting to cut my lawn with a scythe…
    I demand a podcast.
    I don’t really see the mole resemblance. Where did you get that image, by the way?

  2. Wait wait wait, why am I talking about that?! There are more important issues at hand!

    When the fuck are we getting to see a Wholesale Souls DVD released?!

  3. Hmmm……. To mole or not to mole… that is the mole. Mole mole mole mole mole mole mole MOLE MOLE! MOLE!!!! OH GOD THEY’RE IN MY BRAAAAIN!

  4. You’re leaving the 23rd, meaning I must return “Coffee and Cigarettes” to you before then. Nag me if it doesn’t show up on your doorstep soon.

  5. New subject: Andrew’s hair was once longer than Keanu’s in “Parenthood” and now it’s shorter than Keanu’s in the drawing. Coincidence? Discuss.

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