Calling all cars: we need extras to be dead people


We’re looking for extras to appear in a pick-up scene we’re shooting for Terminal Philosophy today (Friday the 24th) from 10:00 AM to sundown. It doesn’t matter if you’ve appeared elsewhere in the film, and the more people we get, the more striking the scene will be. You will be playing corpses piling up around the Grim Reaper.

We can’t tell you where we’ll be shooting the scene until you meet us (we’re trying to fly under the radar on this one), but we’ll be meeting at Parker’s house at 10:00 AM for makeup and prep before we head off to shoot. Feel free to just show up if you want to help out. If you don’t know where Parker’s house is, e-mail me and I will send you directions.

What to wear: Drab colors. Warm earth tones. No text or fine patterns. No graphic images. No bright greens or blues.

What you get out of it: You get to be a corpse in a movie. What more do you want? OK, if we get done fast enough, you’ll also be able to star in a quick zombie movie. Happy?

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