Cast/Crew Call: Tracy McKnightly and the Case of the Lead Shirt Embezzler

Tracy McKnightly and the case of the Lead Shirt Embezzler is a surrealist film noir comedy written and directed by Vincent Gagnepain and co-produced by Vincent Gagnepain and Andrew Gingerich. The film will be shot in Fort Collins this July. Auditions will be held on Tuesday, June 17, Wednesday, June 18 and Saturday, June 21 from 1-4 P.M. at Bas Bleu Theater at 401 Pine Street. Included below is a list of the main characters with a short description:

TRACY MCKNIGHTLY: Male, 30-65. The main character and as such the film noir detective. Fast-talking and socially awkward, Tracy is determined to solve the case and get paid.

LILAC ALEXANDERS: Female, 20-45. The female “love interest” of Tracy, Lilac approaches Tracy to investigate her husband and his role in an embezzlement.

MR. RICHMOND TAYLOR: Male, 50-70. The Business Magnate of the company that is being embezzled from.

NEIL: Male, 20-35. An associate and yes-man to Taylor.

SPADE: Male, 20-35. Tracy’s driver, friend, and partner.

THE MAN IN BLACK: Either, Age Unknown. A character that only exists in Tracy’s nightmares, the Man in Black is mysterious, frightening, and perhaps an ally to Tracy.

If you are interested in auditioning but cannot make any of the scheduled sessions, feel free to contact the director at to explore the possibility of arranging a private audition at some other time.

We are also in search of skilled production crew, including the following positions:

Key Grip
Sound Recordist
Assistant Camera
Lighting and Camera Grips
Production Assistants
Hair & Makeup

We’re particularly interested in crew who possess their own equipment (specifically dolly and lighting kits). Positions are unpaid but this is a perfect project to add to a demo reel–our goal is to create a technically superb film. Crew-related inquiries should be directed to Andrew Gingerich:

All cast and crew members will receive screen credit, a copy of the finished DVD and the heartfelt thanks of an impoverished producer

5 thoughts on “Cast/Crew Call: Tracy McKnightly and the Case of the Lead Shirt Embezzler

  1. July 7th to July 16th is when I’ve been telling people. It may go longer depending on how scheduling works and how smoothly filming goes.

    If you have some free time today (Wednesday), it’ll probably be emptier, but I’ll leave it to you.

    And Sean? Are you going to audition? Becuase I’d like you to, for if nothing else the company.

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