Chaz Williams, Eyewitness 2 News

When we concluded that we needed a voiceover for a TV news package that appears in the second half of 16 Heads and Counting, I knew we had an opportunity for some really fun casting. Here’s what we wound up with:

Chaz Williams, Eyewitness 2 News

It seemed natural to look for someone with a public persona, someone who is experienced in public speaking and broadcast journalism and knows how to handle a microphone. Kyle Dyas is the music director for KUNC, Fort Collins’ NPR station, and he’s an actor with Openstage Theatre, and now he’s in our movie! It was a lot of fun working with someone whose voice I’ve heard literally thousands of times over the past dozen or so years but whom I had never met. Plus, he did a great job laying on the sensationalism with a trowel, as I think you’ll agree.

Incidentally, it’s really a disorienting experience to have a radio personality call you on the phone. It’s like Guglielmo Marconi and Alexander Graham Bell got into a fistfight and wound up making out with each other (or something like that).

Anyway, today was a sound recording day. We got this, and we finally did the ADR for Sarah Anderson (David’s unlucky date) and we got two scenes done with the Voice.

Who is the Voice? I’m not telling.

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