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16 Heads and Counting gets a mention on page B1 of the Coloradoan today. For some reason the article isn’t up on their web site, so here it is:

By Stacy Nick

What started out for two Poudre High School graduates as an “Untitled Search for God” has now become “16 Heads and Counting.”

It’s a seemingly more appropriate, if also more grisly, title for film director Andrew Gingerich and writer/producer Ethan Holbrook’s latest work. After all, it is basically a movie about a man who discovers that his girlfriend is killing people and keeping their heads in the trunk of her car.

There’s also the real/imagined threat of vampires, mobsters, and a guy in a dog suit who believes he is an instrument of God, hence the earlier working title.

The idea for the film started as a writing exercise for a class at the Minnesota College of Film and Design where Holbrook and Gingerich attend, Holbrook said. But eventually it grew into a complex yet intriguing screenplay that Gingerich convinced his friend had all the right makings of a movie.

“It’s very rewarding to see something that’s been such a big part of my life for the past year and a half finally reach an audience,” Holbrook said.

The black comedy features local actors—Colorado State University students Sean Cummings and Rosalie Robinson star—and local locations, including Rocky Mountain Shooters’ Supply and the Lyric Cinema Cafe, where the film will have its debut screening Monday.

The cast and crew only had three weeks and about $3,000 to shoot the film last summer. But Holbrook and Gingerich agree they are pleased with the results and hope those who helped them along the way will be, too.

“We got to shoot in locations and work with people we never thought possible,” said Gingerich, who is currently shopping the film to festivals with the aim of getting a distribution deal. “And I am thrilled to show this film to all those who helped this project reach its full potential.”

Gingerich said he is most looking forward to seeing the audience’s reaction to the film.

“You never can guess what people will do until it plays in front of an audience,” he said. “We know what we think is funny, but audiences can feel differently.”


When: 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday
Where: Lyric Cinema Cafe, 300 Mountain Ave.

This article is good in that it got all the important information correct, and it’s at the top of page B1, which is about as good as it gets for local media coverage of films. All in all it’s about 90% accurate, except for paragraph four, which may in fact be a complete fabrication. The Minnesota College of Film and Design is not a real thing, as far as I know, nor did the script originate as an in-class exercise. Oh well. All in all, a nice bit of coverage.

Back to the FX suite!

6 thoughts on “Coloradoan article

  1. This is all coming to fruition in a really amazing way. Good for you and everyone who worked on the flick (i.e. not me)! I hope the best for you, and maybe the premier will be packed! I get more upset by the minute that I can’t be there.

    You’ve come a long way, Andrew. And believe me, I know…..

    By the way, we recycled that old mac classic that we drew on with permanent markers to make pretty rainbow colors and Mac symbols. That’s the end of an era.

  2. Congratulations!! I am so happy for all of you and I hope that your premiere goes exceptionally well!! I cannot wait to see this film and was so happy to be a part of it. All the best!!

    Landyn Banx

  3. SnortDIES. “The Minnesota College of Film and Design…” where does she come up with this crap? That’s the third time she’s screwed up something (hilariously, mind) that I’ve been in… HA. Anyway! I’m glad! I gotta go raid the recycling bin for that article… WEE!

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