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In the past, I have never named my computers. I’ve always felt that it needlessly anthropomorphizes them. I have always been inextricably tied to computers, but I pride myself as never having tried to strike up a conversation with a Linux box or trying to calm a panicky G5 with my soothing words. I may be nuts in many ways, but I don’t want to be the 21st-century equivalent of the crazy cat lady.

Still, there is something to be said for naming computers. At Channel 10 all the Final Cut stations were named after famous directors of the 1970s, and it certainly imbues you with a sense of prestige to sit down in front of Coppola and start editing. And the fact is that there are some computers that are such beasts that they deserve names. Think HAL 9000, or ENIAC.

So then, what would you name an 8-core Mac Pro, packed to the gills with RAM and loaded with a vast array of post-production software and hardware? I was thinking of “Euclid,” as a nod to Pi, but I’m not that big on geometry. Or possibly just “The Beast.” Thoughts?

8 thoughts on “Computer names

  1. My computer is named Parabolic, My Portable 4GB stick is Struddles, my external harddrive is Wumbwum, my iPod is Blaargak, and my favorite color is blue.

    As to what you should name your computer…it depends. Do you want a name that’s relevant to the industry that will make you into the crazy cat lady of the new century, or do you want to reference a well-known movie? Perhaps you could name your computer something abiguous, like “The” or “Sign” or “fffffffffff”.

    Quite frankly, the choice is entirely yours. If you don’t want to anthropomorphize your computer, then don’t.

    Now if you excuse me, my computer, harddrive, and iPod were in the middle of a tea party.

  2. Bomb #20, after the self aware bomb in Dark Star. After one of the crew members decides to teach it about Phenomenology, it concludes that it is God and destroys itself after saying “Let there be light!”

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