Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Equipment Update

A quick update on how I’m going to deal with this change in my equipment.

Also: You can find the free script-writing program Celtx at http://www.celtx.com

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Equipment Update

  1. haha you suck! i was heaps worried.
    then again i think i must have replayed that like anywhere between 21-22 times and pissed myself laughing. but then again i did have my doubts cos that camera wasnt mini DV… oh man im such a nerd.

    and yeah, ill send u something for the uber popular frame competition.. and glad to see u got a haircut you hippy.

    love ciara.

  2. But I DIDN’T get a haircut! But it may look a bit different because my hair is a bit schizophrenic.

    Actually, I haven’t had a haircut since I finished the first draft of the script. So by this point I’m kind of honor-bound to not get may hair cut until the film is cut, so to speak.

  3. so i wonder what would happen if you DID cut your hair then? like maybe all your computers and cameras and etc would just burst into flames.

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