Diary of a Mad Filmmaker – Interview with Arin Baun

In this installment of the vodcast, I sit down with actor Arin Baun (Alex) to discuss his technique, how editing shapes his performance, and the similarities between stage and screen acting.

Arin has most recently appeared in the Poudre High School production of Our Town.

I also show you a scene from the film, in which James “eats his cheesecake.” This scene was somewhat of an afterthought (in fact, we shot it once and then went back and shot some additional coverage). James addresses the obituary of his good friend, as if he is conversing with him. I was really impressed with Greg’s performance here and I think it may be his best of the film.

After editing this scene, I graded the color to a fluorescent, sickly green color. This really brought out the off-balance nature of the scene, but it also killed the reds present in the strawberry cheesecake. So, a few keys later, I had graded the reds way up, to the point they almost glow. I kind of like it that way. It looks somewhat supernatural.

And yes, that’s a really crazy-looking knife. It belongs to my grandmother.

NEVER cross my grandmother.

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