Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Introduction to Terminal Philosophy

I talk with my friend and Terminal Philosophy co-writer/director Parker about the plot and pre-production behind this adaptation of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Evan (Warren from Wholesale Souls) also tags along, although he doesn’t say anything important.

Sorry, this is kind of a weird one. But it DOES feature the new opening graphic: water turning into wine! We needed something a little more… religious… than a devil bobblehead, due to the content of the film we’re now working on.

Also, please note: We don’t ACTUALLY pump Evan full of drugs.

Also please also note: The Lizard People are real. I’ve seen them with my own eyes… well… I’ve seen pictures of—maps—my friend told me about them… OK. I read about them on the internet. But that means it HAS to be true!

Finally, also please also note as well: We did in fact shoot our first scene on our set, and it worked, although it was hellishly hot. You know what they say: It’s not art unless somebody’s winning. Wait… that’s not right. Um… Never mind.

In the next installment we’ll be taking a look at the cast of Terminal Philosophy and showing you some footage from auditions.

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