Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Late-Night Editing

This is something new I’m trying: I’m going to have a blog entry for each episode of the vodcast, in which I will include show notes and leave the thread open for comments.

My guest today is Parker, who plays Samuel the hacker and is also our sound recordist and now assistant editor. Since this week is spring break for us, we had a lot of free time that we chose to spend doing what? Editing, of course! We spent almost 30 hours this week, sitting around in my bedroom, cutting scenes, complaining about lack of coverage (my fault), and occasionally throwing food at the ceiling (don’t ask).

The scene we’re showing you today is a rough cut of scene 17 (in which Samuel orders something over the phone and discovers that he is the Lord of Darkness), which we cut between the hours of 4 and 8 A.M. this morning. It features an absolutely terrific performance by Laura Parker, who plays the operator. Please note that this is nowhere NEAR the final cut of the scene; the sound mix is unfinished and the shots have not been graded or cleaned. So seeing a bright yellow light fixture in the operator scenes is perfectly normal at this stage of the game.

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