Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Settling in at MCAD

Here’s a (regrettably long-is and a bit droning) report on how I’m doing as far as getting settled in at MCAD. Not much movie news per se, but plenty of complaining, technical difficulties, an interview with Jesus, and some Minneapolis trivia.

Incidentally, that bit of trivia at the end is a bit unreadable (I’ll rework the text for next time), so here it is again:

Apparently, future director Terry Gilliam spent a semester or two as a student at MCAD.

He like it so much he moved to England.

Thanks for your continued viewership. Without you, America would be a dark and dreary place.

8 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Settling in at MCAD

  1. wow, those technical difficulties suck mucho

    I applaude your self control. I probably would have started yelling and smashing things.

    also, I can’t download the vodcast via iTunes (just when you thought you had enough technical difficulties.

    ONE more related difficulty, The vodcast “Milestones and More” wont play. Not on my laptop, not on my desktop, not in the version on the website.

    now for some good news.

    I’m writing a new script that seems to be showing real promise (Even though i’ve only written 2 scenes)

    Au Revoir


  2. The iTunes issues should be fixed now. I was having some validation issues with the RSS feed, but they’s all better now.

    As far as “Milestones” issues: I don’t know what’s going on there. Could be Archive.org is doing maintenance or something.

    And I’d love to read your script.

  3. Watching Jesus was very entertaining. He had some terrific one-liners in the interveiw. I was very very happy to get to see a clip of him in action. Jesus is the role I am most facinated with in this movie (at least outside purgatory, but even so) because he is so complex, relatively seriously written, and by far the most demanding acting role. Not to mention, we got one of them real actors. I wish I had come the day you were able to shoot outside, or that I would have been able to stay to see the interiors.
    I am really excited for Wholesale Souls. I watched the trailer (again, though I have many many many times) and for some reason I got really excited about it. It is good to know (Thank you to the side bar, the loveable source of information that it is) that it will come in time for the shopping season.
    As usual, I eagerly await anything Terminal of Philisophical. The Soul Room has yet to be shot, yes?

  4. The soul room is shot. Everything is shot except for the Grim reaper scenes, which we’ll be getting over Thanksgiving (had to set it up that way due to scheduling conflicts—we’ve got a good actor lined up but he was too busy when we really started gearing up to finish shooting).

    Arin, your script has my interest piqued. Maybe I’ll call you tomorrow to talk about it.

  5. Hey everyone. Wooooooo! Math! Hey Andrew, if you find out any interesting writing excersizes in that little class of yours you should tell me…because I know everything about what I’m doing at Playwriting. Hmmm….You’re ranting about projects not opening. This could really use some crazy titles. Oh No! The poor art student can’t open files! LEG WORK!!!!!! On schedule? Possibility? MUFFINS?!?!?! I auditioned for the musical with William Shatner’s rocketman and got in. Do I get thanks? I did things. I’m important right? Right? Wait…what am I talking about? Hmmm. Well, I guess muffins because that’s all in caps. Muffins are much like the penny: Both are made Oohhh! Something besides you in front of a blank background! Get some posters or something. Oh, while I’m thinking about it: Bust out some Salvadore Dali with charcol. I’ve been in my…gah, who am I kidding? I’m not a filmmaker. No! Inhale the chi! Inhale the chi!!!! Oh great, the dog’s got the chi now, nice move, jerkface. Why hello there you handsome devil. My, you’re sideburns are comming along quite nicely. Oh, you’re such a good actor. Ooh! I stopped! That’s intense! Oh, and now I’m confused. Wow, this is some of the greatest acting I’ve seen since Snakes on a Plane. It’s your doom, you fat miserable freak. Woop! We’re back in Minneappolis. Oh, and I’m not a pleasure to work with? Whine, Whine, Whine, that’s all you do. Well, aren’t we deserving of my condolences. You can’t get packages. Oh, they ring the bell. A little note? NOT THE SON! NOT THE CAT! Yep…white walls. Can’t you at least draw a cute little bunny rabbit on your wall? That’ll give us something to look at. Oh, you can skip class. What’s more important you’re education or you’re package? Whine Whine Whine. Hey, Whiney, you want some cheese with that whine? Oh, and now you’re lonely. What a nice window sill. Well, you’re more than making up for your lack of talking, Mr. Gingrich. Congratulations (Slow applause). I’d take Mysol, it cures homesickness like that. Star wipe? Oh, trivia. And I wish you the. Let’s hope not this long. Well, isn’t that a nice piece of trivia? Well, I’ve ranted about as long as I can, so here’s a recap of my most memorable moments: Math, Playwriting, Muffins, Salvadore Dali with Charcol, The dog’s got the chi, You handsome devil you, Whine Whine Whine, End.

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