Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Terminal Philosophy Actors

In this edition of the Diary of a Mad Filmmaker vodcast, Andrew, Parker and Vynni (Leo) come to you from the excellent and kind and hospitable Ever Open Café (1422 N College Ave, Fort Collins, Colorado—you should all eat there if you ever have the chance).

Today we do an overview of the cast, including:

Friedrich Nietzsche: Sean Cummings
Satan: Gale McGaha Miller
Soul Reaver: Evan Riffe
Mr. Bee/Vii: Mikhail Twarogowski
God: Leroy Twarogowski

Then we show you a piece of the first scene of the film, in which Amelia Streza (she’s a wonderful sport, by the way) gets run over by a bus. KIDS, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME. WE ARE UNPAID PROFESSIONALS WITH EXPERIENCE PRETENDING TO RUN PEOPLE OVER WITH BUSES. IF YOU TRY THIS YOURSELF YOU WILL BE ARRESTED, OR KILLED, OR BOTH. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. We can’t show you the sound for this scene yet because it is set to music which we are still in the process of obtaining rights for, so for now you’ll just have to use your imagination to add music and a big “splut” sound when the bus mows into that poor woman.

Also, I’m now going to make an announcement all subtle-like because I don’t have time for fanfare at the moment: Principal photography for Terminal Philosophy was completed last night, a day early. What are the odds?

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: Terminal Philosophy Actors

  1. I really like the shots of Evan that you put in there. Makes him look more sinister and intimidating than he really is. But you forgot to use Nunzilla for the opening! oh well, more v-casts are soon to come i guess. BTW, when are you guys planning to see little miss sunshine today? give me a call, because I would like to come as well. with that all said, a feline homage to Dr. Thompson.

  2. I liked these clips. The hitting with a bus was less graphic then I expected, but very clean (as in well edited). I really like the little bit of Evan’s performance that I can see. Despite what others may think, I think he is a good actor. So did he end up actually smoking?
    I eagerly await any other Terminal bone you throw at me.

  3. Yes, I did. Although Andrew will be quick to point out that I never got more than perhaps a dozen drags, I DID light up no less than five cheap cigars. I have no idea if I actually inhaled at any point (I’m so used to secondhand that I may as well actually smoke), but at one point in filming Andrew got an itty-bitty whiff and started hacking. It was spectacular.
    Thank you, Arin and Paul, for enjoying my art. Although I’m not sure if I’m even comfortable referring to it as that yet.

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