Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: The Near-Drowning of Elephant B. Body

I speak to actor Vynni Gagnepain about his character Elephant A. Antibody and the fate of his stunt-double.

Thanks to Mikhail for this wonderful dummy (the one made of styrofoam, not Vynni) and thanks to the weather for cooperating.

In other news, two test screenings of the movie have gone over well and it should be entirely done this week! Plus, I’m done with high school. On to Minneapolis, tropical oasis of the Midwest!

On a more technical note, I’ve been getting complaints that not all the vodcasts are downloading. I think this is because the free service I was using to host files is giving out. I’ll be gradually uploading all the files to my own server. Please be patient, though, I’ve got dial-up.


13 thoughts on “Diary of a Mad Filmmaker: The Near-Drowning of Elephant B. Body

  1. Finally got to see it. Looks pretty good, I don’t know if it was ambience or not, but I think I heard the sort of generic knocking/clicking noise of someone handling the camera…

    I look forward to Ztar Warz: Episode II

  2. I heard that noise, too. It’s in nearly every shot, too. How odd. By the way, you should have weighted him down so he sank a little. Real people don’t strike the surface of water and then immediately float.

  3. Yeah, that ambient track is just a temp that loops throughout. I’ll fix it. As for the dummy, the lack of a big splash doesn’t bother me that much. Logistically it would have been nearly impossible to weigh the dummy down more than it was, and frankly if I have to choose between seeing a big splash and seeing the dummy resurface and float downstream, I’d pick the latter anyway.

  4. Well, I’d agree with you, but there really was no “resurfacing” because it never penetrated the surface of the water. On the other hand, I realize that most people won’t care, even if they notice. If they do notice, they will add it to the amusement of the whole situation.
    Anyway, that was a longwinded way of saying: “That looks fake, but that’s okay.”

  5. Thanks. I thought about roto’-ing in a bigger splash and some submersion, but this is actually a tactical decision. If I’m going to sell a car crash with two pieces of breaking glass later on, this had better not look TOO convincing.

  6. Well, I didn’t think it looked that fake. It is breif, so we don’t get the chance to criticize it for long, and (if I recall correctly, and I know it is often the case at that bridge) the water is pretty shallow, leaving little room for this sinking.

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