Director's Pass: The Ultimate Challenge (prologue)

Dear readers,

For Advanced Filmmaking this semester I’m making a short film called The Ultimate Challenge, about a man who is smarter than a potato. First day of shooting is tomorrow and I’m writing this late at night, so I’ll keep it short.

Here is the script, if you would like to read it.

For those who are curious as to what a call sheet looks like, here is the call sheet for tomorrow.

Embedded below is a brief mash-up of some audition footage for two of our lead actors: Tom Danford as Marshall Walters and Al Fiene as The Englishman.

We will be MCAD’s guinea pig, shooting the film on the new Panasonic HMC-150 camera, which is essentially a hybrid between a DVX-100 and an HVX-200 that shoots 1080/24p 21-megabit AVCHD to SDHC cards (if you don’t know what that meant, congratulations, you have a life). It is a nice camera and MCAD has been very kind in letting me play with it.

I am tired because I was ACing for Matt Kane all day on his film Lonelyache, adapted (with permission!) from a Harlan Ellison story of the same name and shot on 16mm; it is going to be super cool.

Finally, to round out the whole unprecedented-access-thing that is the Director’s Pass series, here is a chain of e-mails between myself and Matt Kane regarding tomorrow’s shoot (most recent is first):


When are you done on Brandon’s shoot? I’d assume we’ll be loading out equipment starting around 5:30 or so, as it’s about a 40 minute drive to Cottage Grove.

Double darn on the cat shit. I guess I’ll have to make my ornamental dishware out of something else.


Yes to the smith victor, sorry I’m out of cat shit. When do you want to meet tomorrow (I assume we have to load in the camera+sound?)


Kathy’s got someone to transport equipment, but I think I’ll ride with you out to the location, if that works.

ALSO: Can we borrow your Smith-Victor? We probably won’t wind up using it, but I’d like to have it at the ready, just in case we run out of lights.

ALSO ALSO: Buckets of cat shit!

~ A

That is all I am going to post tonight. It was a beautiful day today and a temperate, refreshing night.

Have a pleasant evening,


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