Don's Impossible Adventure (Starring Salad Spinner Haiku)

Salad Spinner Haiku
Above: Salad Spinner Haiku (left), Don (right)

Two weeks ago, I posted a recording of myself pitching the most bizarre plot I could think of to my film class. I was terrified to note that the class was entirely unfazed by my pitch and did not, as I suspected might happen, reject my concept.

With that history behind me, today I wrapped photography on Don’s Impossible Adventure (Starring Salad Spinner Haiku). The whirlwind shoot lasted only two days and was, paradoxically, one of the most relaxed and smoothest-running shoots I’ve ever presided over. We finished substantially early on both days. I have no idea to what I should credit this fantastic luck, but it may have had something to do with the fact that one of the major characters is a tiny plastic chicken named Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Yes, friends, and I would like to state for the record that I used real stage actors for this film, setting back the dignity of their profession by perhaps twenty years; Steven Bucko played Don and Jesse Griffith played Dr. I. Learned Scholar. Salad Spinner Haiku played himself in this production.

Below: Dr. I. Learned Scholar, with stylish forehead-pig
Dr. I. Learned Scholar

11 thoughts on “Don's Impossible Adventure (Starring Salad Spinner Haiku)

  1. Very interesting, I look forward to seeing the final product. Will we be finding it on Exploding Shorts?

    The class seems odd, almost unresponseive judging only by the recording. I would think something like this would elicit more of a reactions.

  2. Yes, this will most definitely be going up online, possibly in conjunction with International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, if I can get it finished by then.

    Part of that seeming unresponsiveness is due to the falloff from my laptop’s microphone, but most of it is actually representative of the class’s reaction. Nobody laughed, nobody said they didn’t understand. I would have thought they weren’t listening except that they appeared to be quite engaged, and they responded about the same to my pitch as they had to the person who came before me, who I believe pitched something about a guy talking to people on a bus. This response, it is safe to say, chills me to the very core of my being.

  3. An addendum: they told me the characters were “really developed.” That’s right, “really developed.”

    Now, were they referring to Kaiser Wilhelm II the floating chicken, or Salad Spinner Haiku the pan-dimensional being who doesn’t speak English?

    Search me.

  4. Yeah, the “really developed” thing threw me off. That is some geneeric praise right there, the kind you would recieve when someone isn’t listening.

    I didn’t laugh during the pitch, but I was baffled and had laughed at an earlier date. I absolutely love the idea of Salad Spinner Haiku speaking not in haiku, but iambic pentameter. I will be really impressed if you can pull it off, but the Modern Social Darwinist was not too different in its approach.

  5. So what your saying is that I can no longer get a job for twenty years? Or wait, maybe it’s that I’m not a fine enough stage actor! I give up! WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT?! I’M USING INTERROBANGS! I can play a chicken! Cluckity Cluckity Cluck!

  6. Of course the characters were well developed! And why wouldn’t they be, when you used real stage actors? I invested my 20 seconds with all the interior depth and memory you only get with stage training – not easy with a pig on your head. I like to think our experience was also the cause of the ‘paradoxically’ smooth shoot. Now that it comes to it, I would like to take credit for everything…

    As for dignity, what’s that got to do with acting?

    Oh, and thanks for the puppetry credit. That’s definitely going on my resume… ;)

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