Don's Impossible Adventure wins at TriMedia

Salad Spinner Haiku

Hey, everyone. Just a quick post to let the world know that Don’s Impossible Adventure Starring Salad Spinner Haiku won the audience award for best student film last week at the TriMedia Film Festival in Fort Collins. This is way cool and I wish I could have been there to see the audience reaction (I’ve never actually seen it screened publicly).

Unfortunately for you guys I’ve decided that for the time being I won’t be putting it up online so that I can shop it around to a few more festivals before I call it quits.

Check this post and this post for more information on the film.

9 thoughts on “Don's Impossible Adventure wins at TriMedia

  1. Congrats! I wish I could have been there.

    BTW: The website says you won for Audience Choice for Best Feature Film, not student film. Not that it makes a difference.

  2. Yeah, good job you pretentious film school jerk. Now you can go around campus, parading the fact that you have a festival winner. Why don’t you just make a t-shirt of it? Or, constantly utter your famous line “God Bless you, Captain Spacecraft”?

  3. I was wondering why there was no coverage of the Trimeadia before this. I didn’t make it to any, but I was curious what from Exploding Goldfish films was going to be playing. I meant to ask Parker, but never got around to it.

    Nice to hear it got a good reception, or at least one good enough to get a nice award. I do like this one, even without the iambic pentameter.

  4. As a note: Don’t Poke Yourself in the Eye also showed at the festival. I’m kind of surprised that Haiku beat it out for an award. My contact with the festival organizers called it “too fun to pass up.”

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