DVD Commentary Recording *UPDATED AGAIN*!

I’m holding a get-together for Wholesale Souls cast and crew at my house this evening, where I’ll be screening the FINISHED film (I just love that it’s finished, hence the caps), after which we’ll be recording an audio commentary track for the DVD, which should be out later this month.

Aw, heck. I’ll be generous. If you know where I live and you read my blog, you’re invited. Odds are you were involved in the film in some fashion anyway.

When it’s all over and I’ve gotten everybody out of my house I’ll update this post with some pictures and other general comments. And then you can expect to not hear about Wholesale Souls for a few weeks while Parker and I get busy on Terminal Philosophy. Something to look forward to in the near future: cast lists and actor bios. COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU!

UPDATE: The screening was a big success, as was the commentary recording. I was especially pleased to see that Mr. McReynolds could make it as he hadn’t seen the film yet, although unfortunately he had to leave before the recording session. Here’s who you WILL hear on the DVD commentary:

Group commentary:
– Arin Baun (Alex)
– Greg Ley (James)
– Erin Ray (Erin)
– Micah Buchele-Collins (Micah)
– Parker Cagle-Smith (Samuel the Hacker; sound recordist)
– Paul Binkley (Hades; horrific demon)
– Mikhail Twarogowski (First Clown)
– Vynni Gagnepain (Elephant A. Antibody)
– David Gingerich (set carpenter; production assistant; my father)
– Norma Gingerich (Judy; cheesecake wrangler; my mother)
– Gladys Nelson (medical consultant; my grandmother)
– ME!

Then, while most of them ABANDONED me after this, Greg, Parker and Vynni stuck around and all four of us insulted our way through a second, less coherent commentary track. And I now have my very own solo commentary recorded as well!

SECOND UPDATE: I promised you some pictures of the screening, and I’ve done you one better. Take a look at this nifty little album of Wholesale Souls production and publicity stills.

Plus hear this startling revelation from Vynni (yes, you heard that right).

5 thoughts on “DVD Commentary Recording *UPDATED AGAIN*!

  1. Well… I thought it was entertaining! Exhausted as I was, I listened to the whole thing after everyone went home! Plus, Greg, Parker and Vynni stuck around for a thoroughly bizarre second commentary track, which is mind-bending to listen to.

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