End-of-semester animation goodness

Yes, it’s the end of the semester and another crop of amazing animations is coming due. Here are two of my favorites:

Disfigurement Man: The Fear Wake by Vvinni Gagnepain. [via The Great and Powerful Henceblog]

Honestly, how could I not mention Disfigurement Man? It’s based on something I co-co-co-co-wrote at a Ministry of Playwriting meeting in (January?), and it was amazing then, but it’s even more amazing now. It reminds me a lot of the Dumbland series by David Lynch (and besides that, it’s got a vomiting dog!)

The Owl and the Squirrel by Nick Bachman. [via nickbachman.com]

If you have ever wished to see a neurotic owl in its natural habitat, this is the animation for you. I really, really wish this owl had its own Saturday morning TV show. Over the course of a season it could gradually waste away, give up hunting in favor of all-night coffee-and-nicotine binges and ultimately fall into the bottomless abyss of needle drugs.

I wanted to link to a couple wonderful animations by Owen Dennis, but they aren’t online. *sad*

Finally, notice the fancy new dynamic header image! Appreciate me! Love me! Accept me!

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