ExG Films collab: post-hijacking report

So remember how Greg started that attempt to write a collaborative political comedy screenplay? And then Ethan and Vvinni started working on it too? And then everyone except for me stopped working on it? And then I hijacked the concept and used it as my advanced screenwriting project?

Well, my advanced screenwriting project is done and the first 40 pages of my version are now written. Here they are, in PDF.

I’m loving this story and I want to make it into a feature. Moreover, I want to shoot that feature in the summer of 2009 as my senior thesis project.

Anyway, towards that goal, I’m making the script collaborative again. My current revision isn’t in the Celtx file yet, but it’ll be there once the semester is over, if not sooner. I really like the collaborative writing process, and I think it has great potential to make a wonderful script.

I’ll be doing a lot of work on the script this summer because I’d like to have the script finished well before the fall semester begins. Every single one of you is urged to contribute to the script as much or as little as you are willing and able to do.

Watch this space for more updates.

10 thoughts on “ExG Films collab: post-hijacking report

  1. I really love the first 40 pages a LOT, and I’m really really excited for what’s going to happen next. Good job. Guns! Guns! Guns! Seems you can’t make a feature without guns.

  2. Yeah, good job. You kept true to your word and kept the small pies.

    One quick question: How the hell are we going to shoot inside of DIA? And do you know of a place with a rusted helicopter that someone could shoot out of? And do we have a mercedes to chock full o’ bullets?

    And on an unrelated note, I wanted to make Tracy mcKnightly over next summer, but plans change.

  3. My rule about writing is that you write without compromising and then figure out how you’re going to shoot it.

    As for Tracy McKnightly, I’ll be glad to help out as much as I possibly can. Just don’t expect me to be a production manager or anything.

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