Yesterday was hell. I packed, slept for an hour, and got up at 3:30 in the morning to go to the airport. The flight was nearly an hour late and then I got to stand out in the cold while I waited for my bus (which was also late). Then I had to go to drawing and do a portrait. It turned out poorly.

But I DID have a magnificent portrait drawn OF me, when it was my turn to sit and model. Modeling is tougher than drawing, especially when you haven’t slept in a very long time. I kept falling asleep while I was sitting there, and Allegra captured my exhaustion beautifully:

Andrew Exhausted Portrait

Almost made the whole thing worth it. Then it was back to my apartment to write a 1200-word essay before I could finally get to sleep.

Anyway, this is just a roundabout way of saying that the vodcast is delayed, and more information on the Thanksgiving shoot and a review of The Fountain are forthcoming, but probably not today.

Before you complain, just take another look at that picture.

15 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. That last comment was directed at ME, wasn’t it?

    As for the trip, so sorry.

    As for the drawing, please post more of Allegra’s (is that really her name?) work. She very talented.

    Get some sleep.

  2. Oh dang, someday people will kill for the opportunity to have Allegra draw them, consider yourself lucky. On the bright side, you only have TEN MORE HOURS OF DRAWING CLASS FOREVER!

  3. Yeah, this Allegra person seems incredibly talented. And you kinda have that serial killer look in your eyes. Is that the lack of sleep or is it just my preconception of you?

  4. Parker is not Jesus…nor is he the anti-Christ…he is in kind of a Christ-limbo.

    And yes, Andrew is a serial killer. Have you seen his basement?! (I haven’t…does he have one back here?) It’s surely probably full of bodies.

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