Exploding Short Month is now in progress! And there’s already a snazzy new website just for Exploding Shorts!


I’m kicking off Exploding Short Month with a real crowd favorite and a film that has been in distribution limbo for about a year: RRRR. This is a film that was written and directed by Ethan Holbrook and Parker Cagle-Smith. I was involved in a crew and executive capacity. We were all very pleased with the way the film turned out and we had been planning on holding onto it until we had enough material for an Exploding Shorts DVD release, but because we’re generous, we’re giving it to you for free.

I’ve also now got a page on Exploding Shorts for The Magical Murderous Kingdom of Eat Street, which premiered on this site a few months ago. It’s one of my favorite shorts and I urge you to check it out again.

Enjoy, and prepare yourself for another short on Saturday!

click here to go to the RRRR page on Exploding Shorts

11 thoughts on “Exploding Short Month: LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN!

  1. Honestly, not a lot. I found the acting to be rather poor. But I’ve come to accept that and appreciate the other elements of the flick. Not like I’d expect a bunch of high schoolers to be great actors or anything, especially with a one day shooting schedule.

  2. Well, concerning this movie…
    I would say this could either be vague, ethereal nonsense, or a dada/surrealist criticism of absurdist existentialism! Bwahaha! Or maybe both! I’m mad with interpretations!

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