Exploding Shorts: Don't Have A Cow, How To Siege A Castle

Don't Have A Cow

How To Siege A Castle

TWO premieres of class assignments tonight, as an apology for my lateness (I’ll explain later). First, my first assignment from my intro to filmmaking class this semester, a silent short I co-directed with John Keefover, Nick Kelley and Jacob Nollette called Don’t Have a Cow, and a video I made for my high school speech class with Chris Doyle and Evan Riffe called How To Siege A Castle. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts: Don't Have A Cow, How To Siege A Castle

  1. don’t have a cow is great, was that a fake bible? because I would find it to be a great relief if you and nobody you knew actually owned one.

  2. I have yet to check out the cow one, but from previous experience the castle bit is very good, particularly editing for such an undeserving class. I love the preview for next time.

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