Exploding Shorts: music videos

Two music videos from local bands for you today:

Cartographics, by Antics, is a video I co-directed with Jacob Smith and just finished last Tuesday;

The Sound of Impending Doom

The Sound of Impending Doom, by The Ghosts of Verona, is a video I did last fall.

3 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts: music videos

  1. So that was what the gas mask was about. So, were you one of the mask-clad facists?

    Never heard of these groups before, are they ones that you just chose to make a video for fun or have you been in contact with them or some such?

  2. Yes, I was all of the mask-clad fascists in that one shot where a whole bunch of them march past the camera.

    I have never spoken directly with Antics, but I have had indirect contact with them for some time through other people, and I knew that they wouldn’t sue me for using their music. The story with Ghosts of Verona is a bit different. My contact with them goes back to when I was working on Parker’s history of farming video, which was shot on the property of one of the GoV band members, James, who at that time invited me to do a music video for them.

    The next time I worked with them was last summer when I shot and edited a concert video for them that was directed by Arin. I had a lot of fun with that and it got me thinking about their music again, so when I had an opportunity that fall to do a music video, their music was the obvious choice.

  3. Andrew, it is 10p FRIDAY and you still have not updated the Exploding Shorts site!

    I hereby publicly criticize you for negligence, and ask you to send me the damn photos already.

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