Exploding Shorts: The Scary Key!

Hey everybody! It’s Exploding Shorts Month, and that means a new short film every Tuesday and Thursday this month being posted to the Exploding Shorts website!

The first Exploding Short of Exploding Shorts Month is that movie you’ve all been waiting for—the subject of the How A Film Becomes Law posts—The Scary Key! Co-directed by myself and Matt Kane! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts: The Scary Key!

  1. Special Thanks? For me? Well golly, shove a crayon in my nose and color me ducky.

    As for the film, I thought the lighting was a little bit off and bright, but that’s already been addressed.

    As for Exploding Shorts month: Hooray! I have a reason to live again! I’ll be able to get you Teh Cld Wr sometime near the end of the month (I’ll be geting the final tape over Spring Break, and then I’ll continue editing for maybe another week or two). Until then, you’ve seen the stuff I made last semestre. If you want to post any of them on the site, feel free to.

    Until next time,
    Vvinni J. Gagnepain
    -Father, Mentor, Lover

  2. The Scary Key was really scary. The acting was superb. The dialogue was amazing. I give most of the credit to Vvinni. The guy who played some guy was the best part of the film. Keys ARE scary.

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