Exploding Shorts: Transformation Transportation Transubstantiation, Philosophy Time!

Two more new school projects today:

Transformation Transportation Transubstantiation

Transformation Transportation Transubstantiation, which I made for my media class last semester, and Philosophy Time!, which I made as part of a group project for my high school senior humanities class last spring.

Philosophy Time!


8 thoughts on “Exploding Shorts: Transformation Transportation Transubstantiation, Philosophy Time!

  1. The Philosophy one was great. I had read part of this script without realizing what it was, you showed it to me a while back. I remember how much I loved the bit about the British Navy.

    Was God supposed to be Hunter Thompson?

  2. I think you should read books on tape, that’s what I learned from watching that Media one. None of these are nearly as edgy and artistic as they should be. Geez. Get with the program.

    Just kidding, good work, I hate MCAD, okay bye.

  3. Such a strangely spelled name.

    I agree with the statement about artistic integrity and exploration, though. Where are the twelve-foot exploding cows, Andrew? Where are the unnecessarily grandiose CG effects? If you want to make money in this business, you’re going to have to start making movies like the Star Wars prequels.

  4. Just you wait for Terminal Philosophy! We have a 900-foot-tall electric Judas Iscariot with a machine gun that shoots ANTS INTO YOUR BRAIN!!!

    …I think. Unless that scene got cut.

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