Filmmaker Deathmatch: The fruits of our labor

Well, the films are in and encoded and uploaded and all that goodness, so without further ado I give you:

Monica’s Film (untitled)
Andrew’s Film: Anti-Film (a triptych)

For the next vodcast (I swear it’s coming soon-ish) I think I’ll include a little of the feedback that was given here after the first showing. Please feel free to leave your comments here should you wish.

Also, what do you want to see in the next vodcast? I’m kind of out of ideas, working on things like this (which was done with ordinary ballpoint pens and has in my considered estimation approximately sixteen billion strokes). Thoughts?

25 thoughts on “Filmmaker Deathmatch: The fruits of our labor

  1. It’s true, actually. Monica’s was a bit more accessible. Then again, Andrew’s shows more technical ability and sense of ambiance.

    Overall, I think I enjoyed Andrew’s more, but they were so very different that it’s hard to compare the two.

    Plus, the color change in the strangulation was awesome.

    On a side note, how do you edit your stuff, Monica?

  2. Okay well, I’ve only ever used Adobe Premiere, but that’s not on our computers here, so I had to figure out how to use Final Cut as I edited this particular thing, that’s why it’s so choppy.

  3. Greg, your vote is automatically only worth half because you used the word ‘ambiance.’

    Anyway, yes, I was very proud of the strangulation, but even more impressed with Monica, as she learned how to use Final Cut in only a week’s time, having never touched it before. It took me a month before I was even vaguely functional.

  4. I don’t know where you get this ‘learned how to use Final Cut in only a week’s time’ thing, because it was really an hour or two and not a week.

    Also, shut up, Andrew.

  5. Well, i liked both of the films… but i liked monicas more. mainly because andrew is mean to me, but also because it was silly and had a story. andrew, yours was very funny though

  6. I take ‘creepy’ as a complement, thankyouverymuch. And that is quite a cool acomplishment, Monica. It took Andrew a good deal of time locked in his room screaming before he figured Final Cut out.

    By the way, who were the people in the video?

  7. I was locked up at Channel 10 screaming, thank YOU very much.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it up to Monica to introduce the actors in her film, if she is so moved.

    Also, just to point this out, I noticed a hearty dose of Jarmusch in her dialogue. Is this just me?

  8. The girl at the table in my video is named Molly and she lives across the hall, the overemotional girl probably doesn’t want to be named and also lives across the hall, and the beret maker is actually a lady I found living in the street. And by the in the street I mean across the hall.

    100% just you.

  9. I like both films.
    but I’m putting the vote behind Monica.
    only mildly becasue of bias. I swear.
    Andrew’s was just a bit below where it needed to be to pull off the concept and win my vote.

  10. It is a tough decision, but I vote Monica. The acting was phenominal and the music was placed well. You’re still creepy Monica, but now you’re a creep with a gold star!

  11. Hmmm… If I didn’t know better I’d suspect foul play…
    But I do know better, and so I’ll sit idly by and watch Andrew get smoked by what is presumably Monica’s horde of friends.

  12. Well, to put it positively you have drawn a lot of new posters, assuming these aren’t all the same people.

    As for my vote: At the moment, it goes overwhelmingly to Monica. Basically, I enjoy watching a video by someone I don’t know more then I like my web browser crashing.

    UPDATE: Well, Andrew’s works much better on Internet Explorer then Firefox.

    Well: You both seem to hate one another a lot. Congradulations? I don’t remember how this mess started, nor am I convinced it was a conflict worth searching for that answer.

    I think Andrew’s is more my style of humor, and I realized while watching it that I have always wanted to see him (amoung many people) strangle himself. He gets points for bringing me that.

    Monica’s certainly makes it look like she has, or has more, friends. A noble pursuit in all walks of life. I do appriciate the criticism of the irrelevant drawing class, from what I hear it is a common sentiment.

    Well…keep hating eachother? Keep up the good work? Do good in school? Keep off drugs? One of those messges in bound to apply.

  13. The Votes are in and this has long gone, and no one will ever read this post save for me, but I’M VOTING! I’d have to put my vote for Andrew, because the acting was better and the technicality was better. Granted, you had just learned “Final Cut”, but nevertheless I found it very choppy, I couldn’t hear much of the dialogue, and it didn’t have the same quirky nature as Andrew’s. Also, to reittereate, I thought Andrew’s acting was better, with Monica’s it seemed like the actors were just rehearsing lines, and they didn’t truly believe what they were saying. With Andrew, he believed every moment of him strangling himself. Also, I’m very impressed by the fact that Andrew didn’t breathe all the time he was dead.
    Thus, my unimportant vote goes to Andrew.

    Vvinni J. Gagnepain

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