First AND Second Place! W00T!

Well, life moves fast.

Last week at this time I had just finished shooting RRRR an absurdist, surrealist film written and directed by Parker (my sound guy for Wholesale Souls) and his friend Ethan, and just now I walked out of the Poudre Film Festival with one trophy in my hand (a first-place win for the “Clowns” scenes from Wholesale Souls), and a second win under my belt–a second-place for RRRR (although this win really belongs to the twisted imaginations of Parker and Ethan… but I can at least take credit for adding the nuclear explosions). Unfortunately, Parker was in New York and thus couldn’t attend (that bastard), so Ethan was left to explain the whole thing on his own. I kind of felt sorry for him, but he also kind of deserved it.

First Place!

Speaking of the film festival, I also got to see a truly wondrous film from the mind of Vynni (he plays “Elephant A. Antibody” in the clown scenes) — “The Death of a Parakeet in the Springtime” (actually, it’s that phrase in French, but I don’t trust my French enough anymore to try to spell the real thing) is a parody of “art” and “experimental” films, with characters named “Turkminestan” and “The Rainforest” and phrases like “These cookies will be a winter upon my discontent… DESPAIR,” how can you go wrong? Absolute genius.

Then, on my way out I stole a film festival poster right off the wall and had all the Wholesale Souls people sign it, God knows why. Maybe I’ll have it framed or sell it or something.

Anyway, I still don’t have the next vodcast done yet for a variety of reasons (namely, all this other stuff that’s been going on), but it IS COMING SOON. Maybe I’ll also be putting up a couple shorts and things in the near future.

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