Terminal Philosophy screenplay

I’ll leave it up to Parker to write a longer summary, but for now suffice it to say that the first draft script for Terminal Philosophy: The Somber Tale of Leonard Noblac is FINISHED! This draft is a beautiful 53 pages with what I can only call an absolutely inspired ending.

Terminal Philosophy screenplay

And, to lend us even further legitimacy than that large stack of 8.5×11-inch pages is the fact that we bit the bullet and registered the script with the Writers’ Guild of America (WGAw# 1138705!) in order to prevent plagiarism (I didn’t take this step with Wholesale Souls because I wasn’t sending the script anywhere outside of the cast and crew, whereas in this case we are sending it to a talent agent (maybe more on that later).

Now, on to casting!

2 thoughts on “FIRST DRAFT! WOO WOO!

  1. I was really pleased with it, I was skeptical! Forgive me!!
    The Nietzsche song was outstanding…though I think you have too much time on your hands…
    To us, at least, it is an honour and quite an achievement for Brian Carroll to hunt you down. I hope you get some good exposure.

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