Freud eating pancakes!

Posts this week will be rather sparse as I’m working on:

  • The Wholesale Souls DVD
  • A Ghosts of Verona concert video
  • Two vodcasts
  • Terminal Philosophy (of course)

and I’ll be leaving for college this Thursday. This is all going to be complicated by the fact that MCAD issues all incoming freshmen with brand new Mac Books, which is awesome for me but it also means I won’t be taking my computer along and so I’ll be without e-mail or internet access for a few days.

For now I’ll leave you with a picture of Sigmund Freud eating pancakes in purgatory:

Sigmund Freud eating pancakes!

and I have two phrases to whet your interest until I get back to regular posts:

Still-life with nun and sparkler (loosely relevant to “Nunzilla”)


Study of God as a librarian (also: study of God as a couch potato)

More information forthcoming.

4 thoughts on “Freud eating pancakes!

  1. Actually, I THINK the price of the MacBooks was included in tuition… I could be wrong.

    Still life with nun and sparkler? I counter with a sack of beets on a wolf (with +2 to nun slaying)

  2. Well… it’s kind of included in tuition. It’s a separate bill but everyone has to get one, so it might as well be part of the tuition.

    And your wolf, although it has a +2 to nun slaying, is no match for Nunzilla (who has a +5000 to mass murder and apocalyptic mayhem). She dips your wolf in salsa and eats it whole.

    She keeps the sack of beets as a pet.

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