Gary Gets Burned

Hi there, everyone! How’s it going?

As you may already know, but maybe you don’t, I entered a competition a couple weeks ago called the SCREENWRITER’S CHALLENGE! It’s hosted by some people in New York, I think. It’s a multiple-round competition, and it’s currently in the judging phase.

In each heat, there is a different genre and subject assignment for the screenplay. I was placed in heat 3, and asked to write a comedy about “coffee.” This was obviously very inspiring, yes? Yes. Wait, no.

Anyways, it had to be 15 pages or less, and I had to have a logline on the title page. AND NOW YOU CAN READ IT. Do you want to read it? You can, if you want. You just have to click HERE and you can download a .pdf of it. And then read it, if you want.

It’s called “Gary Gets Burned,” and it’s one of the more ludicrous things I’ve written, at least in a while.

Mom, Dad, I swear I’m not this gross in real life, but I couldn’t resist using the phrase “menacing spectre of oversized dildos,” in a logline (thanks Andrew).

But hey you guys, seriously. If you take the time to read it, thank you very much. And if you leave me feedback, there might be some HUGS in it for you. Or at least gratitude. In other words, I would appreciate feedback. Thanks!



7 thoughts on “Gary Gets Burned

  1. Yes, you ARE that gross in real life. You are…

    I’ve been trying to tell you since I read this over the weekend, that I have been driven completely over the edge by this play. I wasn’t very far from the edge, but this put me over.

    There were some things I was going to give you feedback about, but I have forgotten since I read it. Because it was sooo long ago. Days, really. But when I remember, I’ll tell you. Oh, I remember one thing: the coworker is perfect. I want to work with that guy! I was partially confused by the whole “concentrated caffeine lump” part, though. Is it real?! I must know…I’ll give you the rest when I remember.

    Now I demand hugs. Lots of them. Now.

  2. Well Ethan, I too have read this script, and I too enjoyed it. I would conquer with Ruth’s comment on keeping the co-worker. Also, I too would like to work with you on this project if indeed you decide to move foreward with it.

    As for how well this script will do in the contest, I don’t know. I’ll need some more parameters. Who are you competing against, the number of people who move on to the next round, if there’s an award fro sexiest writer, etc.

    Thus, with a flash and a flicker I once again disappear into the ether, perhaps to write once again some other day. Good night.

    -Sir Vincent James Gagnepain

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