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Hey there! I’m writing with exclamation points because I think I might be happy!

First news is that I’m done with high school! HOOO-RAY! I went over to Arin’s (he plays Alex in Wholesale Souls) house last night and burned all my papers from all three years at Poudre High School! (Yes, ALL my papers. I’ve been saving them religiously for three years. I had nearly 40 pounds of the stuff.) If you’re good little robot children I might even put up some video of this momentous event on the vodcast.

Speaking of which, I think I just got the server problems worked out thanks to the magical pit of storage that is, that wonderful site that somehow manages to hold most of the rest of the internet inside it without even putting ads on their site. I think it’s probably a front for the Mafia or something. I find no other explanation.

Anyhoo, they’re linked up with a project I just found today called, where you can publish as many videos and MP3s and other goodies, without any storage or bandwidth restrictions. Again, Mafia. Or Columbian drug cartel. But never mind that. I’m right now starting to put up the vodcast files (I’ll be doing the currently non-working episodes first and then gradually migrating them all over), so hopefully there will be NO MORE GLITCHES (HA! *snort… no more glitches) IN THE VODCAST FEED!

Speaking of which, you can subscribe to that feed via iTunes or another RSS reader.

Yes, I can now plug it as much as I want, since bandwidth will no longer be an issue! I feel so FREE (assuming it works)!

That is all for now, you beautiful little robot children. And that is also two posts from me, far too close together for someone who ostensibly spends day and night feverishly editing their film.

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