Hamlet @ CSU

I went to see the performance of Hamlet at CSU last weekend, and overall it was pretty great. I encourage anyone to go out and see it these following weekends, as tickets are reasonably priced.

The important thing is, that the actors got lil’ biographies in the handy-outy-thing, which listed their previous works in film and theater. Let me read you a snippet of Second Grave Digger, Soldier’s bio.

“… He appeared recently in CSU’s production of Cyrano de Bergerac, and also participated in the local short film, TERMINAL PHILOSOPHY*, this past summer”

Ho ho! A blurb! A blurb I say!

Yes, none other than Austin Hall, AKA Odin, was in Hamlet as the second grave digger.

CSU also plans to perform Picasso at the Lapin Agile, a play written by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin.

So go see it if you’re still in Colorado, (sorry Andrew) and congrats Austin!

*Capitalization added for efffect

13 thoughts on “Hamlet @ CSU

  1. Good to see that involvement in our films hasn’t crippled the careers of ALL actors concerned.

    On a related note, Picasso at the Lapin Agile is a fantastic, hilarious play about how Picasso resents Degas’s success, and winds up arguing with Albert Einstein.

    And how’s this for wacky coincidences: Eric Corneliuson, who plays Jesus Christ in Terminal Philosophy, also starred as Albert Einstein in an OpenStage production of Picasso several years ago.

    Still haven’t figured out how Kevin Bacon figures into this. Let me know if you can find a connection.

  2. I was going to see Hamlet with my theatre class, but when we showed up we were told that we were a day early. The director freaked out and told us that the actors were fine with the whole shebangabang but he just wasn’t ready for an audience so we went home and I got a ticket for riding my bicycle without a light which I still have to pay off and we couldn’t come back the next night because we were going to Denver to see the Lion King which is an amazing show despite being a cash cow for Disney so I missed out and I haven’t seen the Odin sequences in Terminal Philosophy so I wouldn’t have recognized Austin Hall anyway had I seen Hamlet that night which I didn’t and I still haven’t and my photo teacher Richard Ney who doesn’t like me calling him Richard in front of other students is walking over to ask what I’ve been typing because I technically shouldn’t be on the computer and he’ll tell me to get off so

  3. Speaking of sightings, I worked strike at the Lincoln Center production of Italian-American Reconciliation, and who should I see but Satan and Jesus. Working together. Who’da thunk it.

    Ahem. Gale Miller and Eric Corneliuson.

    Not the actual Jesus and Satan.

    But now that I think of it…

  4. Wow. Satan and Jesus, side by side. Wish I could’ve been there.

    And YES, Evan, you WOULD recognize Austin (or you SHOULD, anyway) because you sang with him at the Ever Open, and I think you were at his audition, too.

    (speaking of which, what is this business about the Ever Open not being ever-open anymore? I must write my congressman!)

  5. Speaking of the Ever-Open, it is no longer ever open! It closes at 10 pm.

    Other town news: The owner of Cazzola’s is working with another man to open an independent and foriegn movie theater. I think Wholesale (with perhaps a trailer for Terminal) would be something they would be interested in. It is at least partially involving MOCA…

    Anyway, I think we should look in to contacting them.

  6. Whats up guys. Hows everyone doing. just wanted to check in and say I. You guys got anything going on this summer? let me know. Hope all is well. fling me an email. Keep in touch bitches. word.
    All the best

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