Happy Birthday to Me!/I live in a tree!/I eat Chinese dumplings/And I'm covered in fleas!

Hey, waddaya know! I’m turning 20 tomorrow! You know what would be a really great gift? Money.

But seeing as you’re all cheapskates, I’ve taken the initiative and am giving myself a birthday present: As a change of pace for this blog, for the next couple days I’ll be posting creative writing of various types that I’ve done in the past. I don’t have a regular venue for posting such things, and I think it’s high time that some of this ridiculous vitriol see the light of day.

I think I’ll start out today with a little poem that I wrote not long ago (yeah, I know! Me!? Poem!? WHAAAA–!?) The truth is that very rarely do I delve into poetry (and when I do, the results are either not pretty or incredibly concise), but every once in a while I get the urge to scratch something out in my notebook.

I should preface this poem by saying that Billy Collins is one of my favorite poets and I love his poem “Nightclub,” but I just thought there was some point of contention within it, so I wrote this in response:


Dear Mr. Collins:

You listen to boring music.

Very truly yours,
Andrew Gingerich

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!/I live in a tree!/I eat Chinese dumplings/And I'm covered in fleas!

  1. Happy Birthday Andrew. Here’s your gift. Another Poem, written by me. Only this poem is ART, which truly you are incacpable of.

    Blood and Death
    by Vvinni J. Gagnepain

    As I run through the darkness
    Screaming at the invisible terrors of the night
    I see blood
    And Death
    And I know that soon this world will come crashing
    Into oblivion
    Into it’s own blood
    And it’s own death.

    You see, it’s ART. Because it deals with like life and death and turmoil and stuff. Art. ART. AARRTT.

    I’ll also get you a better present. Maybe something on fire.

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