UPDATE: “So,” I’m sure you’re wondering to yourself, “I’d love to see a dead German philosopher sing about the will to power and lack of unionization in the afterlife, but I have no idea what to wear.” Well, I’ll help you out with a list of customary attire:

  • Everyday clothing is fine as long as it does not feature text, logos, copyrighted images or fine patterns.
  • Ultra-formal clothing is also good.
  • Abject squalor is a ‘no.’ If there are holes in it, don’t wear it.
  • If you have an authentic costume from some other period/place, PLEASE WEAR IT. Extra points if you can portray a specific (deceased) historical figure. Then you get on the main cast list instead of being relegated to “dance ensemble.”
  • Hip waders are not, repeat, NOT prohibited.

Also, singing and dancing will be required, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. And I would encourage you all to be grateful to the hospitality of the kind folks at Ever Open by purchasing something to eat, or a cup of coffee at the very least. We don’t have money to reimburse you, so bring your own and be prepared to pay for what you eat.

And a few more rules so as not to upset the locals:

  • Keep your voice down. This is for our sake as well as that of the other patrons (what, did you think we’d be able to get them to close down just for us? Not a chance!)
  • Turn your cell phone(s) OFF at 11:00 and don’t turn them back on until 4:00. Cell phones do not exist in the afterlife.
  • Do not attempt to solicit or otherwise coerce the waitstaff, patrons, or any others present but not associated with the production into participating in the shoot.
  • Please remain orderly. We will ask you to take a seat and stay there for the course of the night unless a director specifically requests that you move or assist as crew.
  • Do whatever the choreographer tells you to do, no matter how humiliating or demeaning, so long as it is legal.
  • Tip well.

As for where we will meet up, we have two options: If you have something to discuss with me or Parker, come by my house around 10:00 or 10:30. Otherwise, we’ll see you at Ever Open at 11:00.


You are invited to come to be an extra/crew member for the Purgatory scene in Terminal Philosophy; wherein deceased German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (portrayed by the incomparable Sean Cummings) will serenade (in a thick German accent, no less!) a bewildered Leonard Noblac (portrayed by the incomprehensible Vynni Gagnepain) about the Will to Power, poor working conditions and mediocrity in general. If we’re lucky we may get a visit from a Mr. Freud… whoever he is. Singing and dancing will be required, but you need not have a sense of rhythm or tune. That’s what sound editors are for.

It’s at a very odd time and we apologize for that, but we want to get it all done in one night and don’t want to disrupt our location when there are a lot of customers. Here’s the details.

Ready for this?

This Thursday night from 11:00 P.M. – 4:00 A.M. at Ever Open Café (1422 N College; map). We need extras and crew. If you can’t make it, ask everyone you know and see if any of them can. Herein lies the rub, and I say this with all sincerity: The quality of this shoot will spell either life or death for this film. This is the money scene and we HAVE to get it right. If we are well-staffed and efficient, we may very well have a festival-winner on our hands. On the other hand, if we don’t work this right we’ll end up with a real clunker of a movie. So your help is imperative.

I’ll be back with more information shortly. Please, please please please PLEASE if you ever do me one favor in your life, make this it. We need your help. If you can make it, please respond to this message.

Remember, for just the cost of a cup of coffee a day and a single sleepless night, you can appease not one, but TWO megalomaniacal filmmakers.

Sir Andrew Gingerich, Esq.

5 thoughts on “Purgatory TONIGHT *UPDATED*

  1. I like the addition of Esquire.

    You know I won’t miss it. Never been to the Ever-Open, but Arin describes it as a “truck stop diner” which is pretty damn good in lieu of IHOP. (We will still include the name, won’t we? We could make it International House of Purgatory, or the less obvious International House of Pflapjacks. I must attribute that last one to my mother.

  2. If you’ll notice, the ‘Sir’ and the “Esquire’ cancel each other out. Classy.

    Ever Open is pretty much the perfect place to shoot. In fact, I’d probably pick it over IHOP. It’s got more character, an open kitchen, and the tables are less tightly-packed so it should be easier to shoot in.

    And now it’s time for my cheeky lawyer persona to make an appearance: because we’re not ACTUALLY shooting in an IHOP, we can say ‘IHOP’ as much as we want (thanks to the doctrine of fair use; works of parody are exempt from trademark infringement). This, plus the fact that there will be nobody watching us to make sure we DON’T make fun of IHOP means that we will be able to have a LOT of fun at their expense. Remember that sign that said ‘Remember what fun tastes like?’ We’ll be sure to have at least one thing of that sort.

  3. First of all, I want full credit for suggesting the Ever Open. That is, if it works out. Otherwise, forget it. Second of all, don’t you think Ever Open is a pretty good name for purgatory? Third, sadly, I’ll be in New Mexico, but I am trying to talk Ben (whom you’ve met) and Abi (whom you’ve not) into showing up. They can both sing and dance, or at least I think so.

  4. So, Is it ok if we have random extras come that never even auditioned? Cause I was talking with some friends of mine and they said it sounded like fune (which, of course, it will be)

    And do you have choreography figured out as well?

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