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In case y’all didn’t already know, the concept behind You Explode Filmmaking (now probably pretty much dead-ish) has been revived for a script with the creative title ExG Films Collab- a new comedy project, the only difference being that this time there are actually people working on it (namely myself, Vvinni and Greg).

The script is now at 18 pages and growing (I’m beginning to think it might be a feature), and it follows the trials and tribulations of Dale, speech writer and chief of staff to hopelessly moronic and mildly racist Wyoming state senator Wilt Sturgeon (“Like the fish!” say all his campaign posters). It’s also… dun dun DUN… a romantic comedy. Or becoming one. Or who really knows at this point, but it’s an interesting goal to shoot for. Anyway, I think the whole thing is shaping up to be damn cool, and it may wind up being my senior project.

Anyway, I’m just writing this post because things are slowing down in development so I think it’s time to try and entice in some new writers. If you want to work on the script, you’ll need the free screenwriting software Celtx (if you’ve already got Celtx, you should make sure that you’re using the newest version: 0.996), you’ll need to register for a free Celtx account, and you’ll need to let me know what your username is, either by e-mail or by commenting on this post, so that I can put you on the share list. If you had access to the old You Explode Filmmaking script, you should already have access to this new one.


12 thoughts on “Hey writers: Write!

  1. I’d love to help work on this, I really need to get writing more seeing as that is my life goal. I am still sitting on my serious script and don’t know where to take it now, so a good comedy (I know how funny the current writers can be) would be a refreshing change of pace.

    You’ll have to remind me how to set up a Celtx account.

  2. A feature? Really? Because I’ve been seeing it as a short (meaning less than 35 min.). But, hey, I’m alright with writing a feature. I’d also be contributing a lot more (although I have contributed rather recently), however I’ve got an animation project, a documentary, a paper on the nutritional aspects of Cannibalism, and a film analysis over Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up due in the upcomming three weeks, so I like to concentrate on those.

    Irrelevant but Cool: Next Time I’ll be in Colorado will be noontime Dec. 14th! And, I’m just saying, I currently don’t have a ride from Denver to Fort Collins planned.

  3. Vvinni: we’ll see how the length goes. I’m on page 18 now and I think I’m nearly to the midpoint of act II, but then again there’s a lot of room for additional character and subplot development, so let’s see how things are going by the time we finish the first draft.

    Ethan: You’re in. (Heh… urine.)

  4. Also: setting up a Celtx Project Central account can now easily be done from within the program. Create a new blank script, and look in the lower-right corner. You should see a little grayed-out person icon and the words “Signed Out.” Click on that and select “Create an Account…” from the menu that opens up. Follow the steps of the registration wizard, and you should be set to go.

    After you have your account set up, let me know what your username is so that I can share the script with you. Once your name has been added to the share list, you can download, edit, and re-upload the script. Be sure to download the latest revision of the script before you make any changes, and upload the script (via the Web Services panel) when you are done making revisions.

    Also also: Also and in addition, check out the forum thread for this project.

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  6. Hey, I may have missed the boat on this one, but I wrote a potential ending off of the pdf you posted. My username’s MelissaH; add me, and I’ll see if it will work with what’s out there. Thanks :)

  7. Hey, Melissa! Welcome to the interminable morass that is Political Justice! I’ve added you to the share—even if you can’t make your particular ending fit with what exists there, I’d be quite interested in seeing what you’ve got.

    I’ll be going through and doing a full rewrite this semester for a potential 2009 or 2010 shoot, and I’d love to hear ideas on how this existing version might conclude.

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