High-definition experiments

I’ve got two shorts here for you, both trying out YouTube’s HD feature (click the ‘HD’ button to watch in 720p!)

The first is a short piece of direct cinema called Desperation Sonata. A couple months ago I was doing a low-light camera test in the MCAD student center late at night, when the halting strains of Moonlight Sonata began echoing around the room and the whole thing turned into a documentary in the style of Frederick Wiseman or Béla Tarr:

The second is a silent experimental short I made a couple years ago called Mind/Body, playing with the relationship between positive and negative—and on a more theoretical level, the separation between the physical and mental world. This was my excuse for learning how to smash open Super8 cartridges with a rock and process the film by hand:

Also, I’d like to point you once again to Exploding Goldfish’s YouTube channel, which is finally going to get some use now that they do HD and don’t have a weekly upload cap like Vimeo (now if only they’d let me replace existing videos with newer versions I could go back and re-upload all my old videos in HD).

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