Holy crap RRRR is on TV right now

That’s right, our little crazy short RRRR (2006; written & directed by Ethan Holbrook and Parker Cagle-Smith) is showing on Comcast Fort Collins channel 22 right now, and again at 10:00 PM, and on the hour at 7, 8, 9 and 10 PM Saturday.


6 thoughts on “Holy crap RRRR is on TV right now

  1. That’s not the one they showed. It was the short with Vvinni and Evan, and Evan tries to kill Vvinni with an axe of some sort. At least that’s what was on at 10 on Saturday

  2. My bad. What you saw was an excerpt from Terminal Philosophy. I didn’t really understand the schedule they sent me, and they were actually showing several things from Exploding Goldfish.

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